18 October 2015

What I've been up to [Check out my YouTube Trailer]

Hello everyone,

it's been a while that I wrote a blog post but trust me, I wasn't lazy. I've been doing a lot of filming lately and all that stuff needs to be edited and such. Then there's the fact that it's fall. Fall = perfect time to catch a cold or two, so I've been doing that as well. Fun and excitement =D.

I will be blogging more again soon and maybe do another revamp of my blog layout as well. While I love the current layout I fear the pink might not be to everyone's liking.

I am getting more and more into filming and like I said, that's what I've been doing a lot lately. I was lucky enough to get to work with two very talented artists which resulted in fantastic footage and great songs for the edited videos. For filming I got to travel to the beautiful south of France to work with DRM Production and for the music I worked with @NicolasNottin who is a very talented musician.

Some of the footage plus the song of the following video is the result of this collaboration and I'm very happy with it.

Sit back and enjoy :)

Until next time,


24 September 2015

The true cost of fashion

Oh dear, one week without a post, am I getting sloppy ?

I've been doing lots of research on different subjects. Sometimes I even ended up doing three things at once, which of course didn't pan out the way I was hoping for, as yours truly is not particularly close friends with "multi tasking".

Anyways, from time to time I managed to just sit, relax and have a date with that one guy called "Netflix". We've been getting awfully close recently and he started to invite me to fashion movies more and more often. Nice guy, that Netflix, really !

So, one evening I got to watch the movie....scratch that....documentary, called "The True Cost". To cut a long story short, it's about producing (fast) fashion and the effect it has on the environment and people.

Now, some of you might know that I studied fashion design. Yep, I am officially a fashion designer, even though I am not currently working as one. But thinking back to fashion college, how fashion is made, where it's made and all those little details have never been mentioned. I can do an entire clothing line from planning to sketching to making patterns to sewing the item to selling it, but how it's done "in the real world" is usually not a topic covered during classes.

It's also not a topic covered during everyday conversations people (fashion student or not) have. Or did you ever truly talk about how the sweater you just bought at H&M has been made ?

You might quickly check the label before you hand over cash or card and you read "Made in Bangladesh", "Made in China", "Made in India" etc., but that's as close as you usually get to thinking about it.

The documentary "The True Cost" fixes that, don't you worry! And after watching it, you will see the fashion industry with different eyes. Now let's have a look at the trailer, shall we ?

Will this documentary change the world ? Probably not. But I believe it's a story that needs to be told and it might influence the daily decisions some of us make.

I would love to buy fashion for a fair price. But truth be told, I can't afford buying a sweater for 80 GBP or a coat for 300. What I am doing instead is mainly purchasing items that I know I can wear for years to come. I have items in my wardrobe that I bought maybe 8 years ago. I take good care of them. Sometimes they don't get worn for a couple years but I just know I will wear them again, so they survive closet cleaning after closet cleaning.

I do closet cleanings regularly. In fact, I just did another one yesterday. The items that don't get to stay are taken to charity shops (*second hand/thrift stores). And when I shop, I do so in regular high street stores, online, on ebay and in charity shops*. 

It's not much and probably doesn't have a huge positive impact, but both, my bank account and my conscience, are a little happier.

If you want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry, watch "The True Cost" and/or check their website.

I also gathered a small selection of interesting links and articles:

What is your take on the fashion industry ? And have you watched the documentary ? If so, how do you feel about it ?


*** All pics "The True Cost" Facebook page ***

16 September 2015

Brand introduction: Daniela Dallavalle // Elisa Cavaletti

Howdy everyone,

If you follow me on Twitter you've already heard. If not, then go click on that link I just provided so that you don't miss out on my future outbursts over there.


Where was I? Ah right, Twitter news. See, I've been to one of the most fashionable countries in the world (France, for those who are not sure what the heck I am talking about) and spent some precious time hiding from mosquitoes browsing malls. Doing so I came across so much really cool fashion!

I already introduced the fashion brand Lollipops to you (shame on you if you missed it, they produce great stuff!). Today's brand is no exception, their designs are fantastic. Read on, if you love edgy styles. If you don't, read on anyway as they might change your mind!

Since I have to drop the name eventually, I can as well do it now. I am talking about Daniela Dallavalle. Born to a German mother and an Italian father she first started her business in Germany in the early 80s. Fast forward almost 35 years, she now sells her designs pretty much worldwide. So, chances are that there's a store where you can buy her fashion (and home ware) just around the corner of where you live. You can even drag your other half along for a merry shopping spree as there is a clothing line for men available as well (and someone has to carry all those shopping bags anyway...ahem...)!

Okay, okay, less talk, more pics. Anything for you, guys! I've got pics of the current "Elisa Cavaletti" range for you. Here you go.

All pictures www.danieladallavalle.com

Pretty hot stuff, isn't it? If you want to check their designs out in person, head over to their website and make good use of their store locator! 

Until next time,