25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

It is almost the end of the year again and that means Santa is coming to town. The weather however doesn't seem to bother with snow and ice. It is quite warm outside, almost like an early (or late ?) spring. Definitely nice if you want to go for a walk after enjoying a several course Christmas meal :)

I do hope all of you had a wonderful day and you got to spend it with your loved ones.

I wish all of you a very merry Christmas and soon a happy new year !

06 December 2012

Review: Twilight bath bomb by Lush

Winter is here and it is freezing cold outside. I am someone who only starts feeling happy and warm when there are at least 30°C outside. In order to stay warm in winter I love to take a hot bubble bath every now and then and recently I used one of Lush's gorgeous bath ballistics for it: Twilight.

Now, even if you are not a fan of the movies or books I think you should give the Lush version of it a try. It smells delicious and is large enough to use it twice. Trust me, I tried it.

Now, the ballistic itself is pink from the outside and has a moon and stars on it. You pop it into the water and it starts to dissolve and foam a bit. After a while the pink layer will be gone and you will be left with a blue bath bomb. What I did was to remove it from the water at this point. I put it aside and let it dry. The water in my bath tub was now pink and simply smelled delicious.

The next time I took a bath I used the remaining blue part of the Twilight bath bomb. It still smelled great but not as strong as before. The water was all blue and glittery which was probably supposed to be the vampire part of this experience.

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed of the bubbles because I loooooooove love love bubble baths and the product barely produced any. Well, I guess that's their nature...

Picture taken from the official Lush.co.uk website

Name: Twilight Bath Bomb
Company: Lush
Price: 3.20 GBP
Pro: smells fantastic, big enough to use it twice
Contra: the glitter can be a bit annoying. Also if you want a lot of bubbles you should look for something else.

Total rating: 4/5

I enjoyed both hot baths very much and will probably buy the Twilight one again, even though you end up being a bit glittery afterwards. But it simply smells way too good not to buy it again, so all in all, if you want to treat yourself with something special from time to time, I can really recommend it !

I hope you get the chance to try and see for yourself soon !

Enjoy the cold season and stay warm and healthy :)

So long~


04 December 2012

Yay, the baby got a name !

I started this blog several months ago and some of you might have noticed, that I did not have a proper title or banner for it. The reason for that is, even though I enjoy blogging, finding a proper name for it was difficult. I wanted the name to be special, to have a meaning for me, to represent part of my personality, I wanted it to speak to me. I was sure (read: I really desperately hoped for it) that the name would introduce itself to me rather than me sitting down and brainstorming it. Been there, tried that, failed.

So at some point I decided to be patient (not a strength of mine by far !) and wait for it to name itself. Maybe a bit like a character in a book... A lot of authors say that their characters have a life and a will of their own. Luckily I was right and today when I put my yummy dinner in the oven...it was there. Simple as that, really. Now all I need is a fancy banner =)

So my dear readers, I hope you welcome and enjoy the newly named baby as much as I do.

I am looking forward to many more years to come and to see it thrive and prosper.

So long~


18 November 2012

Weight loss

Hello everyone,

Today's blog entry will be about weight loss. I think this is a very important subject to talk about as you can easily do things wrong and do damage to your body.

I am neither a personal trainer nor a nutritionist but I read and talk to experienced people a lot.

I have a lot I want to share with you guys, so this will be quite a long entry. I hope you are prepared because imma start now ;)

1) Find out how many calories your body needs to keep up basic functions and how much you need to maintain your current weight.  These two numbers are important ! Never have a calorie intake of less than your body needs to keep up the basic functions ! Don't even go near crash diets or 1000-calories-a-day-diets, they will make your body panic. As a result your body goes into starvation mode and as soon as you eat a little bit more your body turns it into fat. Your body thinks:" Better be fat but be able to survive the next time food is rare. You never know if food will become rare again soon."

If you want to lose weight, stay between the two numbers I mentioned above and you should be fine.

2) Go on a balanced diet. Count calories to get an idea of how much you eat. And eat healthy. Your body needs vitamines, minerals etc. to stay healthy. Aim for lots of vegetables, fish, skinny meat and chicken. Lot's of people say to stay away from carbohydrates in the evening. IF you can, good for you. I personally for example can't but instead I try to eat less.

Depending on your current diet you might not have to make a huge change to it. Let's say your next meal will be steak, steamed veggies and rice just take one steak, lots of veggies and just a couple table spoons of rice instead of 1table spoon of veggies and lots of rice.

If you go for counting calories (and I would suggest this at the beginning so that you get a feeling of how much you actually eat), reserve some calories for a candy bar or a small chunk of chocolate. By doing so you can still maintain your goal of X calories a day, eat mostly healthy  and don't feel guilty for having something sweet every now and then.

Oh and ditch the coke. Water is much healthier.  ;)

3) If you want to either increase the amount of calories you can eat per day or if you want to lose weight faster, exercise ! Cardio is a great way to do so. You don't even need to do hours of it, 10 to 15 minutes a day (or every other day) can do the trick as well, if you have a good strategy. Interval training is a great way to get as much result as possible by only spending a short time training. But keep in mind that just because you spend less time training it doesn't mean it is easy to do !

You can start by aiming for 10 minutes of interval running or biking.

For example:

- 20 seconds full speed
- 10 seconds low speed
- 20 seconds full speed
- 10 seconds low speed
- 20 seconds...etc. etc.

I could go on and on about this kind of training but your best bet is to either google it or to ask a trainer at your gym.

  4) Do proper weight lifting.  If you want to lose weight but want to keep your muscles, you need to challenge your muscles.

Also don't fall into the trap of using light weights. At my local gym I see a lot of women doing endless repeats with just a couple kg but they won't see any result. Remember, your handbag or the shopping bags you carry around already have a certain weight...and you carry those around every day. So what do you think will happen if your handbag weights 3 kg but the weight you lift is only 2kg ? Correct, nothing will happen.

Do a "proper" training with a lot number of repeats but high weights. Take the leg press, for example. Instead of pressing 10 kg 25 times, try 125kg but aim for 8-10 repeats. If you only manage 8, that's very good. Over time you will notice that it will get easier to do 9, then 10. Once you can do 10 comfortably, increase the weight so that 8 times will be a challenge again.  And don't worry, even if you train like that you won't become a body builder. The female body is not made for that.

5) 500 crunches won't do much, do planks instead. 1 minute is lots already ! If you want to do a high number of crunches, maybe cut it at...100 or so but like I said, planks do so much more for your abs. Try to do half a minute. Or 20 seconds even. Slowly increase the time once you feel comfortable.

6) Train all your muscles, not only arms or stomach. It is impossible to aim for losing weight on a particular spot ! Your body loses weight where it wants to !

7) This is very important: Don't train either abs or back muscles but always both ! The stomach and back muscles need and support each other, so if you only focus on either back or abs alone you will end up in a lot of pain.

8) Magazines like Men's Health offer a lot of useful information. No, there is no reason why women should not work out like men do ! No worries, the female body won't gain tons of muscles from it. But I already mentioned that above.

9) Don't train too much. Especially beginners tend to be over motivated and so train way too much. This is quite a shock for your body who most likely hasn't gotten any exercise in years and also often tends to make motivation wear off quickly. Better stick with something you can keep up for a long time. Weight loss does take time after all therefore better plan to go to the gym 3 times a week but do that for half a year then hitting the gym 6 days a week but lose interest after 1 month.

10) If in any doubt, consult your doctor, nutritionist and/or personal trainer. And if in pain, take a break ! Even if it means you don't work out for a week. By using pain your body tries to get your attention and to tell you something isn't right. Take pain seriously !

Like I mentioned above, I m neither a nutritionist nor a personal trainer. I am not a doctor either.. I am just a blogger who wants to lose a bit of weight and tone up. I read a lot, I talk to people who know more than me and who obviously seem to be doing SOMETHING right.

You will find a lot of information in the internet. Read as much as you can, think about it, make notes of what you think makes sense and sounds legit and ignore information that sounds either too good to be true or feels wrong.

If you are serious about losing weight and toning your body but you don't know where to start, look at the people around you. Maybe you have friends who work out regularly you could ask for advice (from my experience men tend to hit the gym more often than women and also know more about training as well).
Or, heck, maybe you even saw a cute guy with abs of steel at the gym last week. Go and ask him how he got those. Maybe he only gives you a quick tip but maybe he even becomes your friend (or next boyfriend *wink*°)

01 October 2012

Make-up storage

Happy Monday, everyone !

If you have more than a handful of make-up articles chances are you want to store them in a convenient but space saving way. I certainly did. Howeverrrr, for a long (long, looong) time I kept mine in some sort of "beauty box", a pretty suitcase with a handle and a mirror. As nice as it looked it wasn't very practical in the end. I could never find what I was looking for and in the end it got so full that my eye shadows started to suffer. Lose eyeshadow has its advantages but I didn't really appreciate my pressed eye shadows to switch side... So I did a little research, went shopping and came home with this pretty baby:


I bought two of those as I needed more space. When I went to Muji I had actually planned to buy a version with more drawers but they were pretty much sold out and all I could get was this. It also turned out to be more expensive in the shop than on their website. So if you consider buying from them make sure to check out their website as well as - at least in the UK - prices and choice are much better online.
This drawer case for example currently costs 8.50 GBP on their website but in store they ask for 11.50 GBP.

But you probably want to know more about how it looks with make-up inside, so come closer and take a look:

Closed, with all my make-up in:

Open, showing off my make-up:

 Eye shadows, eye pencils,gel eye liners
 and my favorite mascara:


Powders, concealers, correctors, eye lash curler:

Random stuff like unused back-up make-up,
fake eye lashes and the like (ack, one got loose ):

Lip sticks, lip liners,  lip glosses
and blushes:

I keep my brushes separate, standing in a Disney Sea mug I got during a trip to Japan. Since I use them every day this is much more convenient for me.

Some of you might wonder why I keep my random stuff in the 3rd drawer instead of the 4th. This is due to the two boxes being separate and the upper box slightly presses down on the lid of the 3rd drawer which makes it difficult to open. So I decided to put the items I don't use much in there. 

If you plan to buy something similar make sure you don't have the same problem. You can avoid this by getting a box with more drawers in the first place. 

Also this series can be customized by adding acrylic box dividers or cloth jewellery ring trays. If you are interested, simply check out their website. Of course Muji isn't the only place where you can find this. Local craft or even stationary stores might have similar options or check various stores online.

I hope you enjoyed today's episode of "how do I store my make-up so that I don't break anything anymore". If you have more ideas on how to keep make-up neat and tidy, please feel free to share :)

So long~


21 August 2012

[OT] Gamescom

Howdy everyone,

I haven't posted at all last week. This is due to an event called "Gamescom" I attended.

Granted, Gamescom doesn't have anything to do with fashion or beauty. But I would really like to share some impressions of the event anyway. I took lots of pictures and filmed as well. Hopefully I will have time to make a nice clip out of that soon.

Also while in Germany I took the time to go shopping and came back with a bunch of new beauty products - including some new nail art stuff I can't wait to test. Also I bought something called a "Soft Contact Lens Handler". You can use it to remove your soft contact lenses from your eyes. Since I really want to have long nails buying this was a must. I just hope it works as promised. I will definitely write a review about that to help out all those girls out there that consider buying one.

Until then I wish you all a nice evening.

So long~


08 August 2012

Dream dresses [Can I have it ?]

Since I already posted one of my dream prints (Baby's Paris Window) I can as well post more of them.

When it comes to fashion I seem to be a very complicated person. Right now I want to wear every style I am currently interested in: Lolita, Gyaru and Hime Gyaru. But while I do like Lolita I prefer going more towards the Hime Gyaru style if it comes to frilly dresses. But then, Lolita dresses are so damn cute and awesome, so in the future I will try to build a wardrobe that is based on Lolita dresses but can (hopefully) be coordinated for Hime Gyaru. Like this I can hopefully enjoy the best of all worlds. BUt now, on to today's dream dresses. (I say "today" because I don't mean to post everything in one go. That would just result in a wall of pictures... )

So, today's number one is Metamophose's Brilliant Princess series. I love this series to bits and tried to get omy hands on it during sales (that was when I discovered the series as I had stayed away from brand websites for a while) but it was sold out.

(picture taken from the official Metamorphose webshop)
I will keep trying to get my hands on either this version or the following one (ideally I can get both):
 (picture taken from the official Metamorphose webshop)

Print and design of this series is simply awesome and indeed princess like. I love it !! As for the color, of course I would go for this blue one as I find it the perfect color for the print. 
(picture is a Metamorphose
stock photo from Lolibrary.org)
Isn't this a lovely print ?

Next one is the Alice and the Pirates "Black Cat, the Witch and the Apple" JSK 1 in ivory. I love ivory, it is princess like and soft but not too cute. 

(picture is a Baby the Stars Shine Bright stock photo, 
I believe from Lolibrary.org)

I am honestly unsure if this is a proper ivory, it looks pretty yellow to me. I love the color anyway. I think it looks even better like this than it would in ivory.

I stumbled across a sales post of exactly this dress but could not afford it. I was so sad ;-;

Anyway, here a close-up of the print.

(picture is a Baby the Stars Shine Bright
stock photo from Lolibrary.org)
It looks so nice, I really hope I can find it !

I can see both dresses being coordinated with rococo style shoes or boots like these:

(picture taken from Brandosa.co.uk)

(picture taken from Franceprix.fr)

I would choose the boots in black rather than brown but this picture shows off the details better.

Some nice jewelery and a matching hand bag would be needed as well of course. And some fine stockings or over the knee socks maybe. But yeah, first I need the dresses <3

I think I will go and dream of them now. Have a nice evening everyone.

So long~

05 August 2012

Paris Window

I am all happy because I finally got my hands on a "Baby the Stars Shine  Bright - Paris Window" jumper skirt. I came across this print a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the print. However, since "Lolita" brand stuff is expensive I was not able to afford it when it got released in 2007. But then, just like 2 weeks or so ago, I stumbled over someone's sales post, selling....exactly: a Paris Window JSK. It came in my desired color (ivory), it was affordable and it was just a few days before my birthday. Perfect timing as I got myself a wonderful birthday gift.

I hope I can somehow coordinate this into a nice hime outfit sometime soon.

Now on to the pictures (taken from hellolace.net who took them from the Btssb webshop I believe)

Maybe I should post my "wishlist" or "favourite prints" list as well...I will think about it.

24 June 2012

Golden Hearts nail art tutorial

Howdy girls :)

I just uploaded a new clip on Youtube. I got myself a new video editng proggy and I still have to get used to it. But so far I like it. It isn't perfect, but good enough =p

Anyway, here's the clip. Please enjoy it :)

So long~


17 June 2012

Review: Barry M. nail polishes

Howdy :)

Today's blog post will be a review of my Barry M. nail polishes.

I tested three different colors. two pastel colors and one glitter.

The colors:

#317 Blue Moon
#308 Berry I/C
#289 Gold


I purchased the pastel colors in May 2012, the golden one before Christmas and am very pleased with the colors. The pastel colors are very nice and are very shiny when dry. The golden one is not shiny but - well - glitters.

If you want to see them in action, I used # 317 Blue Moon as a base color in my last nail art tutorial clip,

Unlike the Max Effect Mini Nail Polish by Maxfactor the Berry M. ones are super easy to apply. When dry the polish is very even and smooth. I give 5/5 stars for that.

Also the look is very nice. I did two coats in my clip but honestly, one would have been enough. It covers really well and when dry the polish is very shiny. I love it.

The glitter one is not shiny but sparkles of course. Here I use 2 coats as I think glitter polishes simply need that. All in all I give 5/5 stars for the looks.

Now, the smell... I have yet to find a nail polish that smells pleasant (maybe I should try Revlon's scented nail polishes soon). However, I believe there are those that smell bad and those that smell worse. The Barry M. ones smell...unpleasant....bad...not nice...But when dry at least the smell doesn't stay forever. You will have to deal with it for a day or so but it is not too bad. I am very sensitive when it comes to that and I keep using the Barry M polishes, so it obviously can't be that bad. However, I don' see myself able to give more than 3/5 stars for that.

How long will your nails look nice ? That of course depends on what you do with your hands, if you use top coats and if so, what kind of.
I am a pretty busy person so I don't do my nails more than once a week. I use a base coat by Rimmel and top coats from different brands. And I do a lot with my hands, like typing as I have an office job and of course household duties (cleaning, baking, you name it). My nails usually look good for about 5 days. Then I either take it off or hope no one sees me XD. I think this might be an average time for a drug store product but since there is always room for improvement I give it 4/5 stars.

Last but not least, the price. With 3 pounds per nail polish this product is extremely cheap and definitely worth a try ! I would pay more for it but luckily I don't have to. Anyway, I give this a 5/5.

So now, out of 25 stars I gave the Barry M. nail polishes 22  which is pretty damn good for a drug store product. So if you haven't tried them before but got interested now, don't hesitate. I don't think you will regret it.

I wish you all a very pleasant Sunday !


20 May 2012

Summer nail art

Howdy all :)

It's been about a week since I made this nail art but I only had time to finish the clip and upload it today.

I wanted to try out some new colors I bought and also the acrylic paint I got from a friend of mine.  (on a side note: I love the Barry M. nail polish I used for this nail art but will do a separate review within the next few days.)

This nail design reminds me of a hot summer day at the beach. The blue color, the white dots, the one stroke design, it looks like plants in the sea with little air bubbles going up to the surface. Very refreshing !

This is the first time I tried acrylic paint/one stroke technics and I am looking forward to using it more often. If you have never used it before, just try it. It's fun and with a bit of practice one can create wonderful designs !

I hope you enjoy this video.

So long~


01 May 2012

Review: Max Effect Mini Nail Polish by Maxfactor

Howdy =)

So about two weeks ago I went out on a mission to buy nail polish as I had planned to film a nail art tutorial. I wanted to do something to reflect spring as a season. To accomplish that I planned to use pastel colors. Since I did not have any yet I decided to buy some.

I went to one of my local drug stores (and took really long) to decide on a bunch of nail polishes. Among them was the Max Effect Mini Nail Polish by Maxfactor for about 4-5 GBP (sorry, I don't know the exact price anymore.) I liked it because the color was exactly what I was looking for (#20, Mellow Yellow).

As you can see, the nail art tutorial did not happen. Or maybe I should say it DID happen as I filmed what I was doing. Howeverrrrrr.... I ended up not uploading the video as the whole project was a total and absolute disaster - thanks to my dear new yellow Max Effect Mini Nail Polish. I tried hard for about three long and annoying hours but the polish simply refused to cover my whole nail. And those parts that were covered were totally uneven.

I removed it several times because I thought that maybe it was my fault, maybe I was simply not able to use it properly. However, I usually don't have trouble using nail polish. Especially not THAT kind of trouble where the polish is all streaky and doesn't stay on the whole nail.

I was quite disappointed and don't think I will purchase another one. The colors are amazing, I can't deny that. But then, nice colors don't help you much if you can't put them on your nails.

For those of you who want to give it a try anywy, please go ahead. Don't let my review stop you. Just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you. If you find out how to handle this nail polish, feel free to leave a comment and explain.

That's it for today, I will see you soon :)


P.S. I would have liked to say more about how much nail polish you get for the price but unfortunately all the useful information is printed in white. Since the background is obviously a nice bright yellow it is extremely difficult to read the white font on it... All I can say is that it's not much. It is in fact one of my smallest nail polishes.

26 April 2012

Outfit of the day

Howdy everyone (^.^)/

Since I wasn't very productive in terms of writing and filming for a while due to various reason that include (but are not limited to) my lovely fulltime job it was about time to finally grab my camera again and have some fun.

The result you can see below and I hope you will like my "Outfit of the day" clip.

I was getting a bit restless, I wanted to keep blogging and filming after all, so a few days ago when I got home from work I simply grabbed my camera and started filming.

I would love to see your outfit of the day clips or blog entries - if you have any - so please feel free to leave a link in the comments section.

So long~


07 April 2012

Avocado hair mask clip on youtube

Howdy ^^/

I finally managed to upload the promised video. Enjoy :)

20 March 2012

Trolling and cyber bullying

Hey guys,

Today I won't talk about beauty and the like but about something that most of you will already have come across: cyber bullying and trolling. I am sure you are familiar with these terms. The internet is full of it and every day there are new victims. Maybe you have been a victim already (I hope not) or maybe you have even trolled or bullied someone online (I really hope my readers don't do that).

But what exactly ARE cyper bullying and trolling ? You can find everything in the internet and therefore there will for sure be a definition. Now what does Wikipedia, most likely the main source of knowledge for a lot of people, say about this?

Cyberbullying is the use of the Internet and related technologies to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner

A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: "That was an excellent troll you posted".

Long story short and in my own words: both stands for people hiding behind their screen and keyboard, provoking, hurting and scaring people in the internet.

Just that it does not really stay there. Victims often don't know how to handle these situations. They get depressive, sick, scared, they might hurt or even kill themselves.

Now I am no therapist, I am only a girl who wants to put a stop to this but doesn't know where to start. It happens everywhere, after all...all the time. It is not a new phenomenon either. Both exists since the internet (how we know it) exists. And unless politicians, authorities, social network sites and IT specialists grow some balls and work together it will keep existing.  

But there are ways to protect yourself, for example
  •  never give out personal details in the internet
  •  keep your social network sites as locked as possible. Facebook for example has multiple ways to do so. You can hide your profile, only give certain people access to your wall and change your user name to something that is not connected to you
  • if you happen to become a victim of trolling, make screenshots before you delete the posts and keep them, keep them, KEEP THEM. Make sure to have as many details as possible on these screenshots, like the post itself, username of the person posting, time, date and platform.
  • do NOT stay quiet. Means: talk to someone you can trust. That can be your parents, partner, siblings, teacher, trainers, you name it. 
  • don't hesitate to go to the police. Don't worry about people thinking you are overreacting. If you feel seriously hurt or scared it is your right to seek help
  • don't react to offensive posts. It will only motivate them to keep going. (don't feed the troll)

What you can do for others:

  • be careful what you write in the internet, don't be offensive, word feedback carefully
  • report offensive posts to the moderators
  • if you know someone who is a victim to cyber bullying or trolling, be supportive. That person might need a good friend
  • don't put yourself in danger but be aware of what is going on around you (especially outside the internet)

I know these are only a few things and there is probably much more you can do to protect yourself I can simply not think of at the moment. But never forget: you are not alone !

Before I finish this post and click on "send" I would like to share a documentary I came across and think it is a really good one. You will need about an hour to watch it but trust me, it's worth it.

If you have any comments or ideas you would like to share, please do so. And all those trolls out there: don't even bother trolling here, it's not worth it.

The anti-social network, a documentary on bbc.co.uk

Stay strong and keep smiling,


07 March 2012

Hair care and the shocking truth

 Howdy all,

"My hair is very important to me." I guess a lot of people feel like that. Or maybe let's say "It is very important to me that my hair looks nice". So we brush, blow dry, curl or dye it although it is actually damaging for our hair.

Now, my hair is very important to me but I am no saint. I do all these damaging things to it as well but I try to keep it rare. I am careful when I blow dry it and keep my (just slightly warm) blow dryer at a distance. I use my straightener maybe once a month and always use heat protection. I don't dye my hair anymore (ok within the last 24 months I got highlights once). And I use saloon products when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. I really try to keep my hair healthy without missing out on all the nice things you can do with it.. But even though I am very careful I suffer from dry hair that got more and more damaged over the time. I kept cutting off lengths but it didn't get better. My hair seemed to struggle more and more although I used all those fancy saloon products and did olive oil hair masks every now and then.

So one day not too long ago I went out to buy a hair mask that should end all the struggle and moisturize my hair. A few hours later I returned, singing and listening to music on my mp3 player to lock out my bank account's angry voice for having spent so much money on a tube of...well...cream...basically. But the key point for me was, that I in fact HAD purchased something I really hoped would be a good solution.

Long story short, after just using that hair mask once my hair was shiny and felt perfectly healthy -which got me suspicious. How could my dry and damaged hair look like this within just one hour ?

I suppose most of you will know the answer. So did I, kind of..The key word here was - of course - silicons.

Now, silicons aren't automatically evil. In fact they are used in all sorts of cosmetics and usually don't cause problems like allergic reactions. They make your hair and skin feel and look nice, soft and healthy. However, as much as they lock in the moisture that is already in hair or skin, as much they can lock out all the good ingredients of your hair and skin care products. Silicons can have the same result as if wrapping your hair or skin in plastic film. Nothing can get out, nothing can get in and even though the plastic film looks smooth and shiny, the hair or skin covered by it can "starve".

But here are the good news. If you don't want this to happen you could - for example - invest in shampoos that are free of silicons. You should remove all the silicons from your hair first though. You can do that by either using a special shampoo dedicated to that very purpose (ask for a shampoo to remove build-ups) or you check your kitchen for an essential part in home-made build-up removers: baking soda.

What you will need:

  • Baking soda
  • Silicon free shampoo
  • Warm water
  • A small bottle or similar (you will have to close it)
Take your bottle and mix your baking soda and shampoo in equal parts (i.e. 2 table spoons of baking soda and 2 table spoons of shampoo). Add warm water. Close the bottle and shake well. VoilĂ , your home made build-up remover is ready to use.

Make sure to massage it into the lengths of your hair but try to avoid the scalp. It won't kill you but it can leave your scalp pretty dry. (Also do not - and I repeat this - do not use it too often. Not more than maybe once a month as it can be pretty tough for your hair. If you do not use silicon containing products you should not need to use it at all.)

Don't forget to use a silicon free hydrating mask on your hair once you washed out the shampoo. Alternatively (and easier to get) use a silicon free conditioner and leave it in your hair for quite a long time. I left mine in for an hour or so but of course less should be alright. Maybe 15 minutes ?

After this treatment your hair can look horrible. That is because you removed the silicons that held them together. Keep using hydrating masks and give them time to adapt.

If you do not want to use silicon free shampoos for whatever reasons but want to take good care of your hair anyway, you can check the ingredients of your desired hair care products. Silicons usually have the following endings: -cone, -conol and -oxane. You can also categorize them into three groups:

Water soluble: Trideceth-12, Dimethicone Copolyo, Dimethicone copolyol/HWP, Hydroxypropyl, Polysiloxane, Lauryl methicone copolyol

Poorly water soluble: Amodimethicone, Behenoxy Dimethicone, Stearoxy Dimethicone

Water-insoluble: Cetearyl methicone, Cetyl Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Stearyl Dimethicone, Trimethylsilylamodimethicone 

You will want to avoid the water-insoluble silicons. Just imagine you use a shampoo containing them every day... You can imagine how much "plastic" you "wrap" around your hair in just one month.

Also their position in the list of ingredients will give you an indicator of the amount of silicon used in a product. If an ingredient is quite at the beginning of the list it means there is a lot of it in the product. Therefore, the further towards the end it is, the better.

Now, what did I do with my poor damaged hair ? I used baking soda shampoo, a silicon free hair mask and will continue treating it with organic shampoos, conditioners and natural hair masks. I will try to film a few tutorials to keep you up to date and informed :)

If you have stories or experiences you would like to share, please do so :)

So long,


04 March 2012

Welcome to my world

Howdy Cowgirls !

After weeks of planning and preparing I finally get to write my very first blog entry. I am quite excited about this project. There is so much I want to do, I even had to write down all my ideas because I came up with so many.

I like fashion and make-up (although I wouldn't call myself a make-up Guru). Since I want to share with you guys as much as I can I hope you are looking forward to DIY beauty and fashion as well as to "my favourite XYZ" clips and the like.
I actually  filmed my first clip already... just to find out that the quality was crap. So I ended up doing some research and buying a new camera.

Let's hope for the best now :)