20 May 2012

Summer nail art

Howdy all :)

It's been about a week since I made this nail art but I only had time to finish the clip and upload it today.

I wanted to try out some new colors I bought and also the acrylic paint I got from a friend of mine.  (on a side note: I love the Barry M. nail polish I used for this nail art but will do a separate review within the next few days.)

This nail design reminds me of a hot summer day at the beach. The blue color, the white dots, the one stroke design, it looks like plants in the sea with little air bubbles going up to the surface. Very refreshing !

This is the first time I tried acrylic paint/one stroke technics and I am looking forward to using it more often. If you have never used it before, just try it. It's fun and with a bit of practice one can create wonderful designs !

I hope you enjoy this video.

So long~


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