21 August 2012

[OT] Gamescom

Howdy everyone,

I haven't posted at all last week. This is due to an event called "Gamescom" I attended.

Granted, Gamescom doesn't have anything to do with fashion or beauty. But I would really like to share some impressions of the event anyway. I took lots of pictures and filmed as well. Hopefully I will have time to make a nice clip out of that soon.

Also while in Germany I took the time to go shopping and came back with a bunch of new beauty products - including some new nail art stuff I can't wait to test. Also I bought something called a "Soft Contact Lens Handler". You can use it to remove your soft contact lenses from your eyes. Since I really want to have long nails buying this was a must. I just hope it works as promised. I will definitely write a review about that to help out all those girls out there that consider buying one.

Until then I wish you all a nice evening.

So long~


08 August 2012

Dream dresses [Can I have it ?]

Since I already posted one of my dream prints (Baby's Paris Window) I can as well post more of them.

When it comes to fashion I seem to be a very complicated person. Right now I want to wear every style I am currently interested in: Lolita, Gyaru and Hime Gyaru. But while I do like Lolita I prefer going more towards the Hime Gyaru style if it comes to frilly dresses. But then, Lolita dresses are so damn cute and awesome, so in the future I will try to build a wardrobe that is based on Lolita dresses but can (hopefully) be coordinated for Hime Gyaru. Like this I can hopefully enjoy the best of all worlds. BUt now, on to today's dream dresses. (I say "today" because I don't mean to post everything in one go. That would just result in a wall of pictures... )

So, today's number one is Metamophose's Brilliant Princess series. I love this series to bits and tried to get omy hands on it during sales (that was when I discovered the series as I had stayed away from brand websites for a while) but it was sold out.

(picture taken from the official Metamorphose webshop)
I will keep trying to get my hands on either this version or the following one (ideally I can get both):
 (picture taken from the official Metamorphose webshop)

Print and design of this series is simply awesome and indeed princess like. I love it !! As for the color, of course I would go for this blue one as I find it the perfect color for the print. 
(picture is a Metamorphose
stock photo from Lolibrary.org)
Isn't this a lovely print ?

Next one is the Alice and the Pirates "Black Cat, the Witch and the Apple" JSK 1 in ivory. I love ivory, it is princess like and soft but not too cute. 

(picture is a Baby the Stars Shine Bright stock photo, 
I believe from Lolibrary.org)

I am honestly unsure if this is a proper ivory, it looks pretty yellow to me. I love the color anyway. I think it looks even better like this than it would in ivory.

I stumbled across a sales post of exactly this dress but could not afford it. I was so sad ;-;

Anyway, here a close-up of the print.

(picture is a Baby the Stars Shine Bright
stock photo from Lolibrary.org)
It looks so nice, I really hope I can find it !

I can see both dresses being coordinated with rococo style shoes or boots like these:

(picture taken from Brandosa.co.uk)

(picture taken from Franceprix.fr)

I would choose the boots in black rather than brown but this picture shows off the details better.

Some nice jewelery and a matching hand bag would be needed as well of course. And some fine stockings or over the knee socks maybe. But yeah, first I need the dresses <3

I think I will go and dream of them now. Have a nice evening everyone.

So long~

05 August 2012

Paris Window

I am all happy because I finally got my hands on a "Baby the Stars Shine  Bright - Paris Window" jumper skirt. I came across this print a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the print. However, since "Lolita" brand stuff is expensive I was not able to afford it when it got released in 2007. But then, just like 2 weeks or so ago, I stumbled over someone's sales post, selling....exactly: a Paris Window JSK. It came in my desired color (ivory), it was affordable and it was just a few days before my birthday. Perfect timing as I got myself a wonderful birthday gift.

I hope I can somehow coordinate this into a nice hime outfit sometime soon.

Now on to the pictures (taken from hellolace.net who took them from the Btssb webshop I believe)

Maybe I should post my "wishlist" or "favourite prints" list as well...I will think about it.