21 August 2012

[OT] Gamescom

Howdy everyone,

I haven't posted at all last week. This is due to an event called "Gamescom" I attended.

Granted, Gamescom doesn't have anything to do with fashion or beauty. But I would really like to share some impressions of the event anyway. I took lots of pictures and filmed as well. Hopefully I will have time to make a nice clip out of that soon.

Also while in Germany I took the time to go shopping and came back with a bunch of new beauty products - including some new nail art stuff I can't wait to test. Also I bought something called a "Soft Contact Lens Handler". You can use it to remove your soft contact lenses from your eyes. Since I really want to have long nails buying this was a must. I just hope it works as promised. I will definitely write a review about that to help out all those girls out there that consider buying one.

Until then I wish you all a nice evening.

So long~


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