01 October 2012

Make-up storage

Happy Monday, everyone !

If you have more than a handful of make-up articles chances are you want to store them in a convenient but space saving way. I certainly did. Howeverrrr, for a long (long, looong) time I kept mine in some sort of "beauty box", a pretty suitcase with a handle and a mirror. As nice as it looked it wasn't very practical in the end. I could never find what I was looking for and in the end it got so full that my eye shadows started to suffer. Lose eyeshadow has its advantages but I didn't really appreciate my pressed eye shadows to switch side... So I did a little research, went shopping and came home with this pretty baby:


I bought two of those as I needed more space. When I went to Muji I had actually planned to buy a version with more drawers but they were pretty much sold out and all I could get was this. It also turned out to be more expensive in the shop than on their website. So if you consider buying from them make sure to check out their website as well as - at least in the UK - prices and choice are much better online.
This drawer case for example currently costs 8.50 GBP on their website but in store they ask for 11.50 GBP.

But you probably want to know more about how it looks with make-up inside, so come closer and take a look:

Closed, with all my make-up in:

Open, showing off my make-up:

 Eye shadows, eye pencils,gel eye liners
 and my favorite mascara:


Powders, concealers, correctors, eye lash curler:

Random stuff like unused back-up make-up,
fake eye lashes and the like (ack, one got loose ):

Lip sticks, lip liners,  lip glosses
and blushes:

I keep my brushes separate, standing in a Disney Sea mug I got during a trip to Japan. Since I use them every day this is much more convenient for me.

Some of you might wonder why I keep my random stuff in the 3rd drawer instead of the 4th. This is due to the two boxes being separate and the upper box slightly presses down on the lid of the 3rd drawer which makes it difficult to open. So I decided to put the items I don't use much in there. 

If you plan to buy something similar make sure you don't have the same problem. You can avoid this by getting a box with more drawers in the first place. 

Also this series can be customized by adding acrylic box dividers or cloth jewellery ring trays. If you are interested, simply check out their website. Of course Muji isn't the only place where you can find this. Local craft or even stationary stores might have similar options or check various stores online.

I hope you enjoyed today's episode of "how do I store my make-up so that I don't break anything anymore". If you have more ideas on how to keep make-up neat and tidy, please feel free to share :)

So long~