25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

It is almost the end of the year again and that means Santa is coming to town. The weather however doesn't seem to bother with snow and ice. It is quite warm outside, almost like an early (or late ?) spring. Definitely nice if you want to go for a walk after enjoying a several course Christmas meal :)

I do hope all of you had a wonderful day and you got to spend it with your loved ones.

I wish all of you a very merry Christmas and soon a happy new year !

06 December 2012

Review: Twilight bath bomb by Lush

Winter is here and it is freezing cold outside. I am someone who only starts feeling happy and warm when there are at least 30°C outside. In order to stay warm in winter I love to take a hot bubble bath every now and then and recently I used one of Lush's gorgeous bath ballistics for it: Twilight.

Now, even if you are not a fan of the movies or books I think you should give the Lush version of it a try. It smells delicious and is large enough to use it twice. Trust me, I tried it.

Now, the ballistic itself is pink from the outside and has a moon and stars on it. You pop it into the water and it starts to dissolve and foam a bit. After a while the pink layer will be gone and you will be left with a blue bath bomb. What I did was to remove it from the water at this point. I put it aside and let it dry. The water in my bath tub was now pink and simply smelled delicious.

The next time I took a bath I used the remaining blue part of the Twilight bath bomb. It still smelled great but not as strong as before. The water was all blue and glittery which was probably supposed to be the vampire part of this experience.

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed of the bubbles because I loooooooove love love bubble baths and the product barely produced any. Well, I guess that's their nature...

Picture taken from the official Lush.co.uk website

Name: Twilight Bath Bomb
Company: Lush
Price: 3.20 GBP
Pro: smells fantastic, big enough to use it twice
Contra: the glitter can be a bit annoying. Also if you want a lot of bubbles you should look for something else.

Total rating: 4/5

I enjoyed both hot baths very much and will probably buy the Twilight one again, even though you end up being a bit glittery afterwards. But it simply smells way too good not to buy it again, so all in all, if you want to treat yourself with something special from time to time, I can really recommend it !

I hope you get the chance to try and see for yourself soon !

Enjoy the cold season and stay warm and healthy :)

So long~


04 December 2012

Yay, the baby got a name !

I started this blog several months ago and some of you might have noticed, that I did not have a proper title or banner for it. The reason for that is, even though I enjoy blogging, finding a proper name for it was difficult. I wanted the name to be special, to have a meaning for me, to represent part of my personality, I wanted it to speak to me. I was sure (read: I really desperately hoped for it) that the name would introduce itself to me rather than me sitting down and brainstorming it. Been there, tried that, failed.

So at some point I decided to be patient (not a strength of mine by far !) and wait for it to name itself. Maybe a bit like a character in a book... A lot of authors say that their characters have a life and a will of their own. Luckily I was right and today when I put my yummy dinner in the oven...it was there. Simple as that, really. Now all I need is a fancy banner =)

So my dear readers, I hope you welcome and enjoy the newly named baby as much as I do.

I am looking forward to many more years to come and to see it thrive and prosper.

So long~