02 November 2013

Signature scent

Howdy Ladies :)

Christmas is getting closer and you can tell not only by seeing all those "book your table for Christmas NOW" signs in any restaurant and/or pub you pass by (at least here in the UK), but also when you open fashion magazines. Any kind of fashion magazine. Why ? Because the closer you get to Christmas, the more scented strips you get knocked over the head with....which kinda...sorta... gave me the idea of blogging about my signature scent.

The story of how I found my signature scent is actually kind of funny. It was a bit like falling in love the moment when you least expect it. You know, when you've been looking for the perfect guy for ages and all you come across are boys that are cute, nice, handsome but it simply doesn't "click"...? And then you go out with your girls, turn around a corner and run into the hottest man of our species you have ever laid eyes on ? Exactly ! That's what I am talking about.

I had been trying out lots of perfumes and never found anything I truly liked enough to buy again. Until "that" day, that is.

I was walking home with a friend after a long day of shopping, happily chatting and talking about random stuff... until I noticed a truly amazing scent. I stopped, looked around and noticed a woman who had just passed by. I started to follow her and realized that whatever that perfume was, she must have been wearing it. I didn't even think about what I was about to do...but the next moment I had run up to her and asked her for the name of the perfume she was wearing because it smelled like heaven to me ! "Why", she said, "that's Ralph Lauren - Romance."

I thanked her, grabbed my friend and dragged him to the nearest perfume store. And there I found it: my personal scent of paradise:

Granted, it doesn't look striking, romantic, fancy... But that's not important. Important is how it smells, right ?

I have been hooked since the moment I met that woman many years ago. I haven't bought any other perfume since that day, at least not for myself. Wait, that's not quite true. I once bought "Ralph Lauren - Romance Always Yours" (or "Forever yours", I don't quite remember) but the scent differed and I did not like it.

I believe finding your signature scent is like finding the right guy. Once you found "the one", you can stop searching.You can still enjoy perfume samples or looking at some hot abs but you know you can relax because "the one" is already at home, waiting for you.

So long,


28 October 2013

It's getting cold

Howdy everyone,

it's getting colder and the days are getting shorter as well. Yesterday daylight saving time officially ended and that usually means that days get shorter rapidly. Although they actually don't get shorter as we still have 24 hours in a day, but oh well. You know what I mean.

So with falling leaves, increased rainfall and lots of wind it is pretty obvious that fall has arrived and it won't be long until it's winter. Time to check if our closets are up to the task known as "OMGWTFWHYISITSOCOLD?"

Unfortunately I already noticed that my own closet will fail the test miserably. While I stocked up on jeans I'm still lacking...well... almost everything else. Which means... SHOPPING ! (voice from somewhere behind me: "Maybe not right now, Sasu, I still have to recover from booking that trip and..." Oh shut it, bank account ! I don't want to be cold !

So, uh, what did I want to talk about... Ah yeah, warm clothes. And that includes coats. Lately I have been browsing online stores and the like to find a nice one that's not too boring and can be used for hime style. That turned out to be quite difficult, the style is just not "in" here and I am a bit hesitant when it comes to ordering coats from Asia as you never truly know how warm they keep you (plus all that nasty stuff called "tax" and "customs"..)

But I did happen to find a few coats that are actually pretty nice (even though they don't work for hime style).  All of them can be purchased for 250 GBP or less (most of them much less).

Kinda cute with polka dots

Anna Field
I like the mixture of calm black and exciting patterned fabric.

 Asos, front and back
I love the color and cut. The buttons are not centered which
makes the whole coat more interesting and 
the hem line is wide enough for wearing a skirt. Very feminine and cute.

I love the fur, it looks chic and warm.

Bellfield Tapestry
Quite playful and girly floral pattern,
the cut relaxed and sporty

I simply love the pattern !
 I am usually not that impressed by Desigual because
I find most of their designs "too much". 
This one still plays with pattern and material mix but
it's much calmer than most of their designs. Very nice ! 

I was surprised to see that Desigual does simple designs like this.
The pattern gives a very royal and baroque impression.

 Leopard trenchcoat, yes please ! I love leopard print and
it's nice for various gyaru styles.

This one is very simple but paired with some
sexy OTK boots it will look fabulous !

Ralph Lauren
More leopard print. Yes please ! 

River Island
Very simple cut. Wear it with nice black accessories,
a chic black hand bag or maybe even a furry
muff to dress it up.

River Island
Just sexy ! I love the shiny fabric, the
silver zippers and the fur ! Similar to the white one above but 
will certainly take longer to get dirty ;)

 Ted Baker
This color is a-ma-zing ! While the cut is nothing special 
(it's a trench coat, after all...) the color
really spices things up.

Ted Baker
For those that are not into pink...
I love the belt detail here.

 It's definitely time to get myself a new coat (or two).

So long,


06 October 2013

Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaw ! (Cowgirl fashion)

Howdy everyone,

Remember when I said "I got the internet at my new place ?" Yeah well, I remember that too... Unfortunately my ISP messed up and now it's gone again (read: no internet anymore). I don't know how long it will take to get it back, but at least for today I found a way to post.

I've been a huge fan of wild west and cowboy themed fashion for a long (long, looong) time. With a lot of shops currently doing wild west inspired collections this old flame of mine was kindled again. So off I went, online of course (that was right before my ISP thought "she's had enough fun, let's annoy her a bit and mess with her broadband"), and checked for wild west inspired fashion.

I'm gonna start with tops and work my way through an entire outfit. Please get a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate, lean back and enjoy :)

 Liz Lisa

River Island

Vero Moda


Sorry, I don't remember the brand but I found it on ASOS.com. 
Also these are pretty neat, I would prefer a more used look.

One Teaspoon


 Liz Lisa

 Liz Lisa

Forever 21 (I think)


Sorry, I don't remember where they sell it. 
Either at Forever 21 or ASOS...


 River Island

 River Island

 River Island

New Look


 Pic found on Google



All found thanks to Google


And last but not least, a few outfit inspirations I found on Google/Pinterest etc.

I love that style ! How about you ?

So long,


22 September 2013

Waving goodbye to two amazing Gyarus

Howdy everyone,

Today Sui and Yuki announced their decision to leave the Gaijin Gyaru community.

As they both are a great inspiration to me I am very sad to see them leave. But I see their point and totally understand their decision.

It does not matter if a person feels offended and hurt by bullies or not, the act of bullying itself is simply wrong and nasty. I already wrote a lengthy blog entry about this subject last year (including some humble tips and tricks) and although I don't expect bullying to simply disappear from this world it is always a good approach to try make exactly that happen anyway.
(Also a good source for information is the National Crime Prevention Association and other websites).

Just recently I watched a movie about cyber bullying on Youtube and I would like to share it with you. Please watch it and remember: You are not alone !

Please help reduce cyber bullying !

Thank you



Good afternoon, everyone :)

I finally got the internet which means blogging will be more comfortable again.

Here in England the weather is getting colder, we definitely skipped summer this year. I didn't even get the chance to wear half of my latest Yumetenbo order yet, it was simply too cold *sad*.
But since there is nothing I can do about that it's time to look into building a fall/winter wardrobe and for this season I would like to buy a nice pair of boots - or maybe even two. In any case, I really want to buy a pair of OTK boots this year !

Of course I already checked out Yumetenbo again although they still seem to be in the process of stocking/restocking their warehouse. I should probably wait a bit longer before ordering, they might get in more boots.

In any case, I found 5 pairs of boots I liked and shortlisted:

 I love the pink here but I would probably rather go for something a bit simpler, like black, 
to make it match more clothes (and to make it look less tacky)

 Here I love the Type B red and purple versions !

Those I'd probably order in black or one of those brown versions.

 Uh, I love them all, no kiddin' ! But London is not the cleanest place in the world 
so I would probably not opt for the beige ones.

Again, even though I love the beige ones I'd probably rather go for 
either black or maybe camel. Type A though.

I am so looking forward to make nice coords with boots this year =)

Has anyone of you ever ordered Yumetenbo boots ? If so, were you satisfied with them ? Please let me know :)

So long,


12 September 2013

Miss Selfridge goes bows

Howdy :)

Before you get your hopes up let me say, that I haven't gotten my internet back yet. Instead I am trying this not-so-new thing called Blogger App"... I already can say that this is far from being a convenient way to post. So if you have the choice: better stick with your PCs to blog, gals !

Anywaysss, during lunch break I went to Miss Selfridge, because...why not ? And I was surprised to see that they started to put bows on their clothes ! While they are still pretty shy about it it's definitely a start !

The coat is very pretty and has functional pockets as well. You can get it for 80£. The sweater cost about 40£  but the shade of pink might not be for everyone.

So, what do you think ? Should they keep going like this or do you have doubts about the designs ? Let me know !

So long,


11 September 2013

I'm still alive...

Howdy everyone,

I am sorry for not having blogged for so long. You might or might not remember me talking about looking for a new place on Twitter and FB. By now I finally moved but unfortunately I do not have the internet yet. As soon as I get my precious internet connection activated I will make up for the time I left you without blog posts !

So long,


11 August 2013

Dance yourself fit

Howdy :)

We are almost halfway through August already, can you believe it ? I certainly can't. Wasn't it just yesterday when I enjoyed the Thriller musical in London ? If you ever come to London I really recommend this show, it was a huge party ! Of course no one is as good as Michael himself, but they certainly work hard !

I love musicals, I love dancing, acting, being on stage, all that. Plus, it is a super fun way to stay fit. I have never been fitter than back in the days when my weekends were filled with dancing. I really spent all Saturdays and Sundays dancing, singing, acting...6-8 hours a day ! But oh, how I loved it !

Anyways, for those of you who would love to dance but lack the money or dance academy to do so, I can't getting dance workout DVDs or even YouTube high enough !

A while ago I went to my local "DVD dealer" to check out their fitness DVDs. I was tired of going to the gym and working on machines there. But since I don't like cardio training in gyms, I wanted to try out something else.

I came across this DVD and thought "why not ?".

You can buy it at Amazon and other retailers. I paid maybe 5 or 6 pounds for this and don't regret it. Granted, it aims at beginners, so if you have years and years of experience under your belt you might want to try something else, but for only a few pounds there is not an awful lot you can do wrong. I certainly enjoy the workouts :)

Also, you can even enjoy this DVD if you don't have much space. Living in a flat in London I can tell you a story or two about that...

A great alternative is of course YouTube. You can choose from hundreds of thousands of videos and will for sure find at least one or two you might enjoy. However, to get you started, let me share some of those I have on my playlists:

Let's start with the energetic Night of Fire Para Para (just ignore the outfit of the guy and you will be fine...)

...continue with something for the Sailor Moon fans among you...

....and end our trip through Para Para with Ike Ike

Of course there's not only Para Para on YouTube. Those of you who love ballroom dance might also like this one, for example.

There really is a lot on YouTube. Just search for your favorite key words and you will find fun stuff that keeps you fit ! (I even found GoGo dance instructions there !)

Alright, after all those videos and talking about dancing I should do some dancing myself =)

So long,