19 February 2013

Harrods sneak peek

Howdy and good evening my dear readers,

It's only Tuesday but my work week has already been super crazy. But let's not think about work.

Not too long ago I went to Harrods and managed to take a few pictures without the security guards seeing me (to my defense, it said nowhere that taking pictures was not allowed !)

I like Harrods for its customer service and the variety of luxurious goods you can get there. And while they certainly have loads of pretty things only the rich and famous can afford there are plenty of things a normal person like me can afford as well, like make-up for example. If you want to go on a make-up shopping spree Harrods is THE place to go. Plenty of brands to choose from and you can always get the nice staff to show you their products and do your make-up.

Well, today's pictures are not about make-up but about fashion. While I don't like to go there for their clothes they really tend to have nice, inspirational decorations. But enough talking, let's get on to the pictures !

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