21 March 2013

Byebye Google Reader

Good morning everyone,

Most of you might have heard by now that Google Reader will be closed on July 1, 2013.
I find this quite sad but, well...what can I say ? The show must go on... I signed up with Bloglovin and if you wish you can use their services to follow my blog :)

So long~


17 March 2013

Spring is the time of renewal

Hello princesses,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend !

Some of you might have noticed that my blog design keeps changing these days. Instead of writing up new blog posts in my rare free time I decided to make my blog a bit prettier.

I also noticed that even though I personally tend more towards Hime Gyaru and Gyaru fashion I post much more about Lolita and also haven't done any more tutorials in the recent past. I do plan to change this now. After all, isn't spring the best time for a fresh start ?

I have several ideas for tutorials and blog posts but I don't want to rush them, so please bear with me.

So long ~


10 March 2013

Lolita exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum London

A wonderful Saturday evening to all of you,

A few weeks ago I went to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to enjoy their Hollywood Costume exhibition. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take pictures, so I don't have any I could share with you. However, since I was there anyway I thought "why not check out the Lolita exhibition as well ?" - so I did.

I must admit I was pretty disappointed. I already knew that it was rather small... But it took me less than 10 minutes to look at the outfits they had put together. Some of them made me think "that is so not Lolita at all" but then at least they tried to put together some decent outfits.

I know that lots of Lolitas did not get the chance to go to London, let alone enjoy the exhibition, so please let me share with you the very few pictures I took.

At first I did not plan to make a blog post about this exhibition, so I did not take pictures of all outfits but a few only. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed getting to see at least a few of the outfits.

Favorite thing to put on my head (52 days challenge)

Howdy and good evening :)

Today I'm gonna let you in on what I prefer to decorate my head with. You might or might not have guessed already but I love sparkling stuff. Like a lot ! I am like one of those:

Picture found on Google

If it sparkles, count me in =p However, even if it doesn't sparkle I might like it, if it is princess-y enough. Or fluffy. Now let me show you some of my favorite items

 I bought these in Korea years ago. 
Originally I had four of them but somehow 
I lost one. So sad !

These are from Korea as well. 
I don't wear them that often but they
are oh so beautiful ! 

These cute bows I bought in a shop in
Camden Town. They are super easy
to use and make your hair style
very cute and princess-y in 
an instant !

I am not too sure where I bought the flower hair clips.
Might have been Forever 21. They are pretty easy
to use and look very girly and cute.

Of course I have a lot more hair clips, bows etc.and I haven't taken pictures of all of my favorites, that would have been way too many pictures. But I believe the ones I showed you give you an idea of what I like :)