10 March 2013

Favorite thing to put on my head (52 days challenge)

Howdy and good evening :)

Today I'm gonna let you in on what I prefer to decorate my head with. You might or might not have guessed already but I love sparkling stuff. Like a lot ! I am like one of those:

Picture found on Google

If it sparkles, count me in =p However, even if it doesn't sparkle I might like it, if it is princess-y enough. Or fluffy. Now let me show you some of my favorite items

 I bought these in Korea years ago. 
Originally I had four of them but somehow 
I lost one. So sad !

These are from Korea as well. 
I don't wear them that often but they
are oh so beautiful ! 

These cute bows I bought in a shop in
Camden Town. They are super easy
to use and make your hair style
very cute and princess-y in 
an instant !

I am not too sure where I bought the flower hair clips.
Might have been Forever 21. They are pretty easy
to use and look very girly and cute.

Of course I have a lot more hair clips, bows etc.and I haven't taken pictures of all of my favorites, that would have been way too many pictures. But I believe the ones I showed you give you an idea of what I like :)

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