29 April 2013

Yumetenbo shoe review part 2

Howdy everyone,

I know it is almost midnight but I uploaded a new video anyway. Please enjoy :)

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28 April 2013


Good morning everyone,

You might or might not have noticed that I am pretty new to the Hime/Agejo part of Japan's fashion universe. But I am very much looking forward to exploring and improving. I would like to invite all of you to enjoy this journey together with me. Of course, if you want to share your journey or to contribute by other means, please feel free to do so. I am always happy to receive comments.

I believe the step from Lolita to Hime Gyaru is pretty small but at the same time it is a totally different world. While Lolita has so many sub styles that cater for almost all tastes and despite there being classic and casual ways to wear that fashion, once you get to a certain stage of life, and no matter how old you are, I believe Hime Gyaru is a wonderful next step if you want to look princess-y and cute but you still want to be able to just...go to work in it, for example. (Of course that doesn't apply if you have to stick to a certain dress code at work.)

When I started to get interested in Hime Gyaru and Agejo I assumed that there was an active community somewhere out there, similar to the Lolita one. But...it turned out I was very much mistaken. You can of course find tagged pictures and all that but I have yet to find an active Hime or Agejo community. (If you know of one, please do speak up !)

Now what's a girl gotta do, if "reading" Ageha (read: looking at the pictures) and spending hours finding something suitable to what you have in mind on Tumblr and co just won't do it anymore ? Of course the most obvious one: get inspiration from specific girls.

While I don't have any Agejo "idols" yet, please let me share my current Hime Gyaru inspirations:

Mana Starre

Now this girl not only is a very beautiful Hime Gyaru, she also wrote a beginner's guide (no longer available) which helped me SO MUCH when I started to get interested in the style. Also she keeps getting back to what fashion is all about: "just have fun with it !"
I remember her getting into combining Hime Gyaru and Pin-up style, which is a fantastic idea in my opinion. Here in London you sometimes run into pin-up styled women and let me tell you: those women look fantastic !

Mana Starre recently started a new blog which you can find here.

Yuki Ageha Phantomhive

Hers is one of the first Hime Gyaru blogs I followed. She has a great sense for style and doesn't only rock Hime but Lolita as well. Even with simple outfits she still looks like a true princess, it just seems to come natural to her. I must admit I might even be a bit envious ^.^"

She has a very princess-y blog which you can find here.

Sui Princess

This girl seems to breathe Hime Gyaru and her style impresses and inspires me lots. She is like ... taken out of a Japanese fashion magazine and proof that not only Japanese girls can pull this style off. Her style comes closest to what I would like to achieve, so she is a great inspiration to me.

She has a very nice blog which you can find here.

Of course there are plenty of other fantastic Hime Gyarus out there but currently the above three are my favorite.

(On a side note: thanks to all three of them for letting me use their pictures. )

This concludes today's post about Hime Gyaru inspirations. I wish all of you a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon.

So long,


25 April 2013

Yumetenbo shoe review #1

Howdy and good evening,

For those of you waiting for my Yumetenbo item videos I can happily announce that the first one is online now :) In this video you will get a closer look at the first pair of shoes.

Please enjoy !

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24 April 2013

I am on Facebook

Good evening my dear readers,

I hope your day was as lovely as mine. The weather was fantastic, I got to wear a very cute Hime outfit to work and I can now happily announce that I made it to Facebook as well.

Since I just started my page there is of course not that much content on it but I am looking forward to changing that =)

Please feel free to follow me on my new Facebook profile :)

So long,


23 April 2013

Yumetenbo / Dream Vision haul

Howdy and happy Tuesday evening :)

I recently placed an order with Yumetenbo and decided to share with you my first impressions.
I ordered on a weekend and by Tuesday the parcel was already on its long way half across the globe.

So in this video you will basically see me unpacking the parcel and unwrapping all the nice items I received.

I already filmed additional videos about each item to show them to you in details and to review them. Those short videos will also contain information like article numbers. If all goes well I will start uploading them within the next few days, so please look forward to them :)

So long,


18 April 2013

Excited =) ~quick news~

Howdy everyone,

Not too long ago I placed an order with Yumetenbo which I finally received ! I haven't had the chance to take a peek inside yet but I am thinking of blogging about it.

For those of you wondering: I ordered shoes, boots and clothes. So please look forward to it =)

So long~


14 April 2013

5 keywords that describe my personal style

Good morning, everyone !

Reading through the list of this challenge's questions I feel that I already answered "Why I wear Lolita" and "Why don't I wear Lolita more often" in my post about "What my own (Lolita) lifestyle is like". Therefore I will skip these.

Now, for my current style I don't think you can put a label on it as, like I said before, my wardrobe currently changes to become Agejo and Hime. But this challenge wants me to come up with 5 words, so that's what I will do.

  1. Sexy
  2. Cute
  3. Elegant
  4. Not always very practical (sorry, that's four words)
  5. Layered
Wohoo, I made it =)

When I dress or shop to...erm.. decrease the space in my wardrobe even more *cough* my first goal is to be sexy and cute at the same time. But I often add some elegant pieces to my outfit, such as jewelry or, let's say, a chic blazer, to give it a more professional boost.

London's streets are not very easy to walk on so wearing heels is not the most practical thing one can do in this city, so I often have a pair of flat shoes in my bag to change if need arises.

As for the layered part, I get cold easily but at the same time I work in an office where a lot of computers heat up the rooms, so layering = win.

I think this sums it up pretty well and since we seem to be getting 5 minutes of sunshine out there, I will head outside now to make the most of it.

Have a nice Sunday afternoon, everyone !


13 April 2013

My favorite Lolita brand (52 days challenge)

Good evening (again),

We got to #6 of this challenge: my favorite Lolita brand. The answer to this can be put into 5 little words:

Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Back when I started to get into Lolita fashion this was THE brand for me and even today they still do a lot of designs I really like. They are the only Lolita brand I still own and my first ever Lolita brand piece was a BTSSB one and you can see a picture of it in my previous blog post. (I emphasize the word "Lolita" here because I owned and still own several non-Lolita brand pieces, such as H. Naoto).

However, by now Metamorphose caught up quite a bit from back when I ordered one of their lucky packs several years ago. I hated the quality so much, I sold it immediately and never touched one again because I neither liked their designs nor their quality. But a year or so ago I started to check their website again and OMG they do quite a lot of really amazing prints now, so that some of them even made it on my wishlist !

So by now I would say that while Baby is still my number one, Meta turned into my number 2. Who would have guessed ? Certainly not me !


My wardrobe turnover (52 days challenge)

Greetings, everyone !

I haven't forgotten about the challenge, no worries :) Even if it has been a while. I will try to catch up with this challenge in the next few days.

So, now about my wardrobe turnover. Like many others who accepted this challenge I am not entirely sure about the wording. I will just imagine it's about how my wardrobe changed, and it changed drastically.

Skipping the usual fashion sins you go through as a kid and teen (and often even later on), I will go straight into when I got interested in Japanese fashion, as this might be what you want to read about most.

For quite some time I loved Nana and VK inspired outfits. From time to time I would get inspired and customize clothes I bought or already owned, such as the skirt I am wearing in this picture. I added patches I made from checked fabric (black Royal Stuart Tartan check for those who are interested in Scotland), lace, safety pins, chains etc.

I also love my hair color here, it's like fire !

The following picture was taken in Tokyo in 2005 or 2006 or so, I honestly don't remember. I got it in Korea and really loved it, although there are skulls on the skirt which I did not see at first (I don't like the whole "skull" thing, I find it gross).

At some point I started to wear Lolita more and more often. Usually for meet-ups but later on at fashion school or just randomly. I already posted pictures of myself wearing full Lolita before, so I won't post the same again.

I believe this one might have been among the first few Lolita dresses I made. Of course I only wore this kind of heavy make-up on special occasions only. I saw the dress and blouse in Mana's artbook and loved it so much that I tried to get as close to the original as possible. For the blouse I customized a random one, added the collar and did the lacing. 


The following picture was taken shortly before I left the hotel room to attend a Mois-dix-Moi Concert. Again, I only wore this kind of make-up because it was a special occasion.

I do realize now that I wore lots of black clothes, haha XD So the following one might come as a bit of a shock. Let's fast forward a year or two:

Taken at a convention. I had to work so I did not plaster myself with accessories, but you get the general idea.

Again, let's fast forward another year or so, to this:

Taken three years ago, this was the last Lolita meet-up I attended before moving to London. I have only worn Lolita once since then, to the London Tea Party with Juliette & Justine. Unfortunately I don't seem to have any pictures of that although I thought I had taken some...

Last but not least, let me show you my first ever brand dress. It's an old Baby The Stars Shine Bright JSK and I loved it to bits:

Picture taken from Hellolace.net

For this year my plans are to build a nice Himegyaru and Agejo wardrobe. I would like to add some Lolita dresses as well if they go with Himegyaru. We will see, where the journey takes me.

So long,


02 April 2013

New design and a "shopping" trip

Howdy and happy late Easter :)

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend ! Mine was good, despite the fact that I caught a cold or stomach bug or whatever I got hit by... At least that and 6 days off in a row gave me time to work on the design of my blog. I like it...but I know myself, I might change it again soon or add more details =p

A few days ago I went downtown to do some shopping but as much as I love all those shops we have in London, it is really difficult to find something nice and affordable. The only dress I ended up liking was about 300-and-something £...

I filmed a bit as well and tried to do some sneaky pictures. I did not get the chance to check the footage yet but will hopefully get to do that until the weekend. Unfortunately, filming and taking pictures is prohibited in most stores and the security guards make sure that you don't use your camera. In any case, I managed to take a couple pictures when I went to Victoria's Secret which opened in London not too long ago:

I also took a few pictures on my last trip to France. The general fashion theme was "20s" but since I don't like the fashion from the 1920s you will hopefully forgive me that I didn't take pictures of any clothes but accessories and shoes only:

I also plan to place a small order of clothes and shoes and hope I can show you my future purchases soon =) And last but not least, a picture of a...well...British Easter cake...I suppose:
Have a lovely evening all of you and again, happy late Easter :) Sasu~