28 April 2013


Good morning everyone,

You might or might not have noticed that I am pretty new to the Hime/Agejo part of Japan's fashion universe. But I am very much looking forward to exploring and improving. I would like to invite all of you to enjoy this journey together with me. Of course, if you want to share your journey or to contribute by other means, please feel free to do so. I am always happy to receive comments.

I believe the step from Lolita to Hime Gyaru is pretty small but at the same time it is a totally different world. While Lolita has so many sub styles that cater for almost all tastes and despite there being classic and casual ways to wear that fashion, once you get to a certain stage of life, and no matter how old you are, I believe Hime Gyaru is a wonderful next step if you want to look princess-y and cute but you still want to be able to just...go to work in it, for example. (Of course that doesn't apply if you have to stick to a certain dress code at work.)

When I started to get interested in Hime Gyaru and Agejo I assumed that there was an active community somewhere out there, similar to the Lolita one. But...it turned out I was very much mistaken. You can of course find tagged pictures and all that but I have yet to find an active Hime or Agejo community. (If you know of one, please do speak up !)

Now what's a girl gotta do, if "reading" Ageha (read: looking at the pictures) and spending hours finding something suitable to what you have in mind on Tumblr and co just won't do it anymore ? Of course the most obvious one: get inspiration from specific girls.

While I don't have any Agejo "idols" yet, please let me share my current Hime Gyaru inspirations:

Mana Starre

Now this girl not only is a very beautiful Hime Gyaru, she also wrote a beginner's guide (no longer available) which helped me SO MUCH when I started to get interested in the style. Also she keeps getting back to what fashion is all about: "just have fun with it !"
I remember her getting into combining Hime Gyaru and Pin-up style, which is a fantastic idea in my opinion. Here in London you sometimes run into pin-up styled women and let me tell you: those women look fantastic !

Mana Starre recently started a new blog which you can find here.

Yuki Ageha Phantomhive

Hers is one of the first Hime Gyaru blogs I followed. She has a great sense for style and doesn't only rock Hime but Lolita as well. Even with simple outfits she still looks like a true princess, it just seems to come natural to her. I must admit I might even be a bit envious ^.^"

She has a very princess-y blog which you can find here.

Sui Princess

This girl seems to breathe Hime Gyaru and her style impresses and inspires me lots. She is like ... taken out of a Japanese fashion magazine and proof that not only Japanese girls can pull this style off. Her style comes closest to what I would like to achieve, so she is a great inspiration to me.

She has a very nice blog which you can find here.

Of course there are plenty of other fantastic Hime Gyarus out there but currently the above three are my favorite.

(On a side note: thanks to all three of them for letting me use their pictures. )

This concludes today's post about Hime Gyaru inspirations. I wish all of you a wonderful sunny Sunday afternoon.

So long,


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