13 April 2013

My favorite Lolita brand (52 days challenge)

Good evening (again),

We got to #6 of this challenge: my favorite Lolita brand. The answer to this can be put into 5 little words:

Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Back when I started to get into Lolita fashion this was THE brand for me and even today they still do a lot of designs I really like. They are the only Lolita brand I still own and my first ever Lolita brand piece was a BTSSB one and you can see a picture of it in my previous blog post. (I emphasize the word "Lolita" here because I owned and still own several non-Lolita brand pieces, such as H. Naoto).

However, by now Metamorphose caught up quite a bit from back when I ordered one of their lucky packs several years ago. I hated the quality so much, I sold it immediately and never touched one again because I neither liked their designs nor their quality. But a year or so ago I started to check their website again and OMG they do quite a lot of really amazing prints now, so that some of them even made it on my wishlist !

So by now I would say that while Baby is still my number one, Meta turned into my number 2. Who would have guessed ? Certainly not me !


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