12 May 2013

Window shopping in London ? Heck, yes please !

Good evening,

A while ago I went downtown to do a little window shopping and of course I had my camera with me to share a few moments and fashion inspirations.

London is always worth checking out if you are into fashion, although I personally prefer Tokyo - but that's just me being myself ;)

If you love hunting for bargains, January and June/July are the best months for you as there are sales everywhere across the city. Those are what I call "true sales" or "real sales", because you can really find bargains. During winter sales in January for example I found a wonderful poncho that goes great with Gyaru - and I only paid 10 GBP for it !

You can find sales in various shops all year but those two are those you should not miss. I personally think a good indicator is Harrods. If they have a sale, then it's the real deal.

If you just want to spend some time downtown but don't want it to be crowded, go on a bank holiday and the city will be relatively empty. Jan 1st is a good day to go shopping, if you don't have to cure a hangover, that is. You get empty shops plus there are sales !

Anyway, without further ado, please enjoy this clip:

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11 May 2013

Late night Yumetenbo shoe review

Howdy everyone,

It's late again which means that instead of having dinner and going to bed I decided to upload another quick shoe review / "have a closer look" video~

Please enjoy :)

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09 May 2013

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

Howdy :)

Nominations for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards for UK based blogs have started.

Here you can read more about it.
 I would be very happy if you, my dear readers, nominated my blog :) 

In any case, this will be an exciting event and I am sure all UK bloggers are very much looking forward to it =)

So long,


Nail art display stand

Howdy everyone,

A while ago I decided to start using fake nails instead of painting my own natural nails for various reasons. However, since I planned to decorate them myself I started to look for something to display them and by that making it easier to paint and decorate.

After some research I came across a nail art display stand that looked promising.

I ordered two of those display stands on Amazon because they were sold out on all other online shops.

I paid 6.40 GBP for both together, shipping was free. The order got shipped from Hong Kong and took about 4-5 weeks to arrive.

For those interested, the seller I ordered from is called "Cougartradecompany".

Also, if you search for "nail art display", "spongy nail art display" etc. something should pop up.

It arrived in an envelope and came without bill or "how to" description.

This is how it looks when it's not crunched like there was no tomorrow...

I removed all the unnecessary stuff, so it looked like this (the paper stuff is actually a strap of double-faced adhesive tabs):

For your reference, a "before and after" picture:

So now, how did I put this together ? Let me give you a step-by-step instruction:

First, take the base pieces, they look like this:

Now put them together:

Next, take the following pieces that will be the socket your nails will rest on. They look like this:

First, however, leave the triangle one aside. Take the square-ish one and pop it into the base you already created, like this:

I did it so that the round edge was facing outwards.

Now use the triangle and "click" it into the  square-ish one:

So far, so good. Now do the same with the remaining parts:

You are almost done. Now take the star shaped part that is left:

And place it in the center of your nail stand:

And that's that. You can use it now :)

The nail stand comes with some adhesive stickers. You can put them on the nail stands and fix the fake nails with them. If you run out of them, simply use double-faced adhesive tape. You should be able to find it in stationery stores and the like.

I already used the stand and it is fantastic. It's so easy to paint and decorate your nails now and you can leave them on the stand until they are dry. No more "darn, how am I supposed to open the door / make dinner / read a book" anymore because you won't have to deal with wet nail polish on your nails anymore =)

Also, on a side note, if you want to re-use your decorated nails, use adhesive tabs to apply them to your nails. By pressing down on the nail and sliding them off your natural nails you won't damage them and therefore you can use them again. Mine are called "Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs". If you live in the UK you can buy them at Superdrug. Otherwise the internet (and yes, Amazon) are good places to purchase them. Of course there are other brands that do those tabs but I only used the Nailene ones in the past and they worked for me.

I wish you a nice evening !

So long,


07 May 2013

How I first found out about Lolita and other styles

Howdy everyone,

I hope your day was as sunny as mine ! I can't believe we get more than 2 days of sunshine in a row, in this country, it's really awesome !

After working on videos and hurrying from viewing to viewing for the past few days I figured it was time again to sit down and have a nice little chat with you.So, now, how did I find out about Lolita and all those other styles I love(d) and adore(d) ?
I think when it comes to Lolita for me it started similar as how it started for others. One key word here: Mana

I did cosplay for many many...many many years and at some point (like halfway through my cosplay career)  I came across Mana. I liked his style and started to cosplay him. But you can't cosplay Mana without getting in touch with Lolita, so I did some research and started to like the style. As in...very much ! But since I was a poor student (*wipes away tear*) I did not have much money to invest into this kind of fashion. Plus, at the same time I got very interested in Visual Kei as well (yay Japanese bands, they are indeed bad for my bank account !) and decided to mainly wear Lolita during meet-ups and cons while focusing on VK inspired outfits in my everyday life. I do tend to love more than one fashion at the same time *sigh*. Again, my bank account is not happy about that...

As for Agejo and Hime Gyaru, I cannot really tell to be honest. I believe I came across an Ageha magazine and was stunned by the style.And for Hime Gyaru, since I still like Lolita I believe this one came automatically. the style is just too pretty to ignore it =)

So long,


05 May 2013

Camden Town

Howdy everyone :)

Oh wow, it is almost midnight again. I blog really late these days.

I had a quite busy day today. I met my best friend and we had a great time at Camden Town with lots of window shopping, a bit of real shopping (I got my first half wig) and great sushi for dinner. I also took a looooooot of pictures and since there are so many I will talk less and let you enjoy them :)




/me needs to sleep now. Good night world,