12 May 2013

Window shopping in London ? Heck, yes please !

Good evening,

A while ago I went downtown to do a little window shopping and of course I had my camera with me to share a few moments and fashion inspirations.

London is always worth checking out if you are into fashion, although I personally prefer Tokyo - but that's just me being myself ;)

If you love hunting for bargains, January and June/July are the best months for you as there are sales everywhere across the city. Those are what I call "true sales" or "real sales", because you can really find bargains. During winter sales in January for example I found a wonderful poncho that goes great with Gyaru - and I only paid 10 GBP for it !

You can find sales in various shops all year but those two are those you should not miss. I personally think a good indicator is Harrods. If they have a sale, then it's the real deal.

If you just want to spend some time downtown but don't want it to be crowded, go on a bank holiday and the city will be relatively empty. Jan 1st is a good day to go shopping, if you don't have to cure a hangover, that is. You get empty shops plus there are sales !

Anyway, without further ado, please enjoy this clip:

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