30 June 2013

A little bit of shopping - Post scriptum (sorta)

Hi everyone,

I meant to tell you where I got my outfit I am wearing in the picture you can see in my previous blog entry...but I forgot. Shame on me ;-;

I got the dress and the vest thingy in a small shop in Camden Town's Stables Market. Unfortunately there is no label on them so I can't tell you what brand it is. But if you happen to come to London in the near future and if you happen to end up in Camden Town, there are lots of shops that sell dresses like the one I am wearing. I say "near future" because sometimes shops in Camden Town simply...vanish. One day you think "whoa, that's a cool one, I will definitely come back !" and the next time you go there it's gone.

The shoes I got from Yumetenbo and I already posted a quick video about them.

After wearing them for a few hours I can say that they are still very comfortable, even though my feet were still angry at me because of yesterday's shopping marathon. So all in all it is still a very good buy and I can still recommend them.

So, enough talking, the princess flat doesn't take care of itself (it should, for that price !)

Here the picture again, a bit larger this time :)

And here the review again:

Have a nice Sunday evening, everyone :)

So long,


A lil' bit of shopping

Howdy :)

Recently I made a blog post about the "dangers"(read:sales) of London. With yesterday being the first proper day (weather wise) in weeks I decided to go on a little shopping trip. That little shopping trip turned into about 7 hours of walking the streets of London. I started in Camden Town, where I also had lunch at the stables markets (crazy place !). Then I continued downtown, Regent Street to Covent Garden and last but not least I paid a visit to Harrods. Believe me when I say that this was a lot of walking for one day ! I enjoyed it very much though, although I did not buy anything... Total shopping fail !

Anyway, today I decided to hit a shopping mall and. I did not have much time to get ready so I didn't bother with hair/make up but only put on some nice clothes.The lack of time is also the reason for there not being anything but a crappy mirror picture and a heart covering my hair/face =p

Unlike yesterday I found some pretty good deals at Debenhams.

 These earrings only cost 2 GBP !

I also got this necklace for  2.50 GBP. I don't plan to wear it as a necklace though but I want to customize a belt with it (one I yet have to find and buy).

Last but not least I want to share a picture of my collections of earrings :)

I find them all soooo pretty =)

By the way, the earring stand can be found at Muji.

So long,


28 June 2013

Being shy

Howdy everyone,

Now that is a weird title for a post, isn't it ? But there is a story behind it.

I was just enjoying a hot bubble bath after a really crazy week at work (so glad it's weekend !) and as always I read a magazine while relaxing in the bath tub. One of the articles I was reading was about being shy and overcoming shyness and behaviors one might not be too happy with. And that made me think... I am not entirely sure if I really am a shy person or not. Or in other words: when I am shy, is it really my very own personality or do external influences decrease my self esteem and increase my panic mode ?

In the article they talked about how your core personality gets set very early in life and that it can be difficult but is still possible to overcome patterns in one's behavior.I agree with it but I also know it is tough. How I know that ? Because I have been there. I had times in life where I was very shy. I think shyness actually is another word for being scared. And out there, in the real world, there is a lot once can - in theory - be scared of.

Usually though, we fear rejection. No matter if it is talking to strangers, classmates, colleagues or the cute guy at the bar, singing your favorite song during karaoke night or wearing that cute top you bought abroad during last year's summer vacation but that's so not like anything people would wear in your hometown. What stops us from doing all these fun things is the fear of being rejected instead of accepted. But there is a way out of this misery. Maybe even more than one, but let's focus on one for now.

In my opinion, the best way to beat insecurity/fears/shyness is to be sure about yourself. A good way to achieve this goal is by focusing on something you are really passionate about. Let's say you want to dance but you are scared of people finding you hilarious instead of awesome. So you are too shy to hop on the dance floor and dance as if there was no tomorrow. What you can do is to practice dancing a bit. If you are too shy to ask others for help (friends, family, a professional dance instructor), go on the heaven of knowledge: the internet. Or more precisely: YouTube. There are plenty of videos that teach you simple but awesome looking steps you can practice in front of a mirror and show off on the dance floor once you are ready. Once you get to have fun on the dance floor you will relax at some point, forget about your fears and enjoy the evening.

If it is fashion related and you want to delve into a new style but are not sure if you can pull it off, either start step by step, for example by changing the type of shoes you wear, then you add a top representing your desired style etc. Alternatively, buy one or two complete outfits and wear them on special occasions such as meeting good friends or similar. You will feel more secure being with people you trust when you test the waters, so to speak.

As for the part about talking to strangers (or at least have long, meaningful conversations), I fear I still have to figure that one out myself. But do feel free to point me in the right direction :)

So long,


27 June 2013

Attention, weekend approaching !


how is everyone ? The weekend is finally approaching and only one more day of work =) I am already looking forward to this weekend as I have exciting plans.The flat search was put on hold for a week and since I worked so hard for the past few weeks I refuse to go into work on Saturday. (And being the rebel that I am I might even stay at home on Sunday !)
But don't worry, its not a regular work day so I won't call in sick or anything like that ^^

Aaanyway, due to work I was not able to blog or do as much research for new entries as I would have liked. But like I said, the weekend is approaching and I plan to have as much fun as possible !

On Saturday I plan to go to Camden Town to check out some wigs and fashion :) I want to go rather early so that I can have lunch there and then go downtown to have a look at all the crazy sales going on there. With luck I might also be able to hop over to Harrods and dive into their sales ^^

I will try to vlog a bit but most shops don't allow filming, so I am not sure if I can pull it off (but there's always that thing called "pictures").

On Sunday I hope to get to craft a bit. I miss it. MISS IT !! I have such nice fabrics and have not been able to do anything with them so far ! I can't believe it ! But I am not sure what to start with. A dress ? Or maybe just something small for starters, like hair accessories, a skirt, a bag or something similar... Hmmm... Suggestions, anyone ?

I have also planned two more blog posts and two videos. Go me !

What have you planned for the weekend ? Please feel free to share it :)

So long,


21 June 2013

Danger !

Howdy !!

Today during my lunch break I decided to take a little stroll outside as the weather was fairly nice (read: it wasn't raining). Little did I know what dangers I would have to face... Aaanyway, I grabbed my bag, left the umbrella at the office (very brave !) and went outside. It just took me a couple minutes to get to the nearest mall, where "it" happened. I encountered one of the most dangerous color combinations there is (aside from yellow / black, that is): red & white !

Now, some of you might ask: "But Sasu, what might be so dangerous about this combination ?"

I will tell you, my dear readers. Or...even better ! I will show you !

There are three time frames where it gets REALLY dangerous for bank accounts: Shortly before Christmas, shortly after Christmas and...now ! 

Believe it or not, sales in London are real ! At least those in January and Summer. You get proper discounts, not like in many other places where it says "up to 70 % off" and then it turns out, the one item that in fact WAS 70 % off has been sold within the first 5 minutes of said sale...

Here in London, when it says "up to 70 % off", you get that on_a_lot ! Unfortunately. Because at the same time it means that your bank account won't talk to you, won't look at you, won't even attempt to know you at all after about 4 weeks of sales. But don't let shops fool you because they tend to put up those nasty little red & white seducers several times a year. Only go for the real deal !

Now you might say: "But Sasu, how do I know if it is the real deal or "just" a mid season sale ?"

There is an easy answer to this and I already mentioned this in January. The secret to never ending wisdom in terms of sales lies within the Harrod's mailing list. If there is a proper sale going on, it will also be going on at Harrods. So if Harrods has a sale, it's safe to go shopping. Well not for your bank accounts or credit cards of course, but we all have to make sacrifices.

Speaking of Harrods, let me show you how thew introduced their end of season sale this summer:

Now please excuse me, I have to discuss with my bank account if it wants to divorce me over London's summer sale or a fukubukuro..

So long,


19 June 2013

Combining other fashions with Lolita

Good evening Ladies,

It's late and actually time to sleep. The perfect time for me to ignore my tired eyes and write a blog entry instead. Today's episode: "I don't know what to wear !" Combining [other] fashions [with Lolita].

It's a paradox: fashion is supposed to be fun and a way to express feelings and personality. At the same time various fashion styles have extremely strict rules. Ironically this is especially the case when it comes to Japanese fashion such as Lolita or various Gyaru styles. On the one hand they are worn by those who want to stand out, be different from the crowd or simply got bored of the main stream fashion style on constant display in their region. On the other hand they are often worn by those who actually don't dare to be different or stand out.

With virtual gossip corners like Behind The Bows and Gyaru Secrets many of those who would love to mix and match don't dare to do so because they fear negative comments. Which is sad. As in: very.

Combining fashion styles can lead to new trends or sub categories. We are fortunate enough to live in a world and time where (aside from some situations) we are pretty free in wearing whatever the heck we want and we should make use of that. The classic mini skirt wasn't invented because Mary Quant followed the rules but because she dared to break them. Same goes for Coco Chanel and her breaking with corsets.

I agree that following rules (let's call them "guidelines" instead, shall we ?) makes it easier to get associated with the style the person wants to go for. And of course it is perfectly fine if you are happy with that. But if you are an adventurer, by all means, go for your adventure ! Wear your red pin-up heels with your BTSSB JSK ! Combine sexy skinny jeans with a princess style top and tea party shoes ! Get that H&M sweater in lime green, add pearls and bows to it and wear it with your new black circle skirt! Be creative, have fun and maybe you end up hitting the nail on the head with one of your coords and it turns out to be tomorrow's new sub style.

So long,


11 June 2013

Pictures, pictures

Howdy everyone,

I just want to do a quick post and share some pictures with you.

Not long ago I told you that I had worked on a new nail design and I was finally able to take a picture of my new nails. I'd say that it's not too bad for my first attempt to deco fake nails :)

Also I went shopping and bought a new shower gel and bubble bath. Both smell amazing =)

And last but not least: I promised Honey Tan, one of my dear readers, to check for pictures of Lolitas carrying around dolls wearing a similar or the same outfit as themselves. I remembered that I had in fact taken such a picture many years ago when I attended the Japanese festival in LA.

These are the two pictures I took and one of them is in fact holding a doll.
Sorry for the quality but I currently don't have a scanner and had to take a picture off the original ones.

Oh my, looking at the pictures makes me homesick again. I miss California *sigh*

Aaanyways, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Have a god evening everyone !

So long,


10 June 2013

3 trends I wish would come back

Howdy everyone,

now this is a difficult topic of the all famous 52 days challenge, mostly because I don't care much about trends but wear what I like. But it's part of the challenge - and it is a challenge, after all. Today I will only focus on Lolita fashion as this is the one I've been interested in the longest. Also all pictures were found via Google. If you are on the picture and want it to be removed form my blog, please contact me.

1) Tartan Check
I love Tartan check. Some of you might know that my first ever Lolita dress was a BTSSB Tartan JSK in red. I find them classy but cute at the same time. I am almost obsessed with Scotland and Tartan JSKs (not so much OPs or skirts) combine both of those worlds.

2. Old School Sweet Lolita

As nice as OTT sweet can look, I really like old school sweet without super busy prints but more volume and more frills.

3. Hats

They can look cute or mysterious, elegant or wild. They are so much fun to do yourself. And you can quickly create a very unique looks. 

That's it, those are my top 3 missed trends in Lolita. Looking at the pictures I would love to create an outfit or two and wear them while having afternoon tea in a fancy hotel in London *sigh*


09 June 2013

Another quick Yumetenbo review

Hello everyone,

Shoes, shoes, shoes... I am looking forward to doing reviews on other things but I promised you shoe reviews, so here is another one. On the plus side, I really love my DreamV shoes. For the money you pay the quality is really good and they're all so pretty and cute.

I had never ordered shoes from Japan before but up until now all of them turned out to be YAY. I just wish I could wear them more often, but the weather in the UK is bad :/

In any case, here's my latest video clip.

So long,


02 June 2013

Nail art

Howdy :)

It's been a while since I wrote a blog entry and my schedule has been a bit off. Work has been crazy again and also looking for a new place takes up a lot of time.

But today I was finally able to spare some time to do a pretty cute nail art design with stickers and stamps. Sorry girls, no tutorial on this one but you will get to look at pretty pictures soon (it's too dark to take pictures right now). But for now I'd like to share some awesome nail art with you (pictures found across Google and Tumblr).

You might or might not have noticed that I love love love freaking LOVE lace designs! I so want to try a few designs soon ! I know, I know, I should not forget to do some sort of tutorial then !

Also I filmed another shoe review and will hopefully have time to edit and upload it within the next couple of days.Looking forward to it :)

So long,