30 June 2013

A lil' bit of shopping

Howdy :)

Recently I made a blog post about the "dangers"(read:sales) of London. With yesterday being the first proper day (weather wise) in weeks I decided to go on a little shopping trip. That little shopping trip turned into about 7 hours of walking the streets of London. I started in Camden Town, where I also had lunch at the stables markets (crazy place !). Then I continued downtown, Regent Street to Covent Garden and last but not least I paid a visit to Harrods. Believe me when I say that this was a lot of walking for one day ! I enjoyed it very much though, although I did not buy anything... Total shopping fail !

Anyway, today I decided to hit a shopping mall and. I did not have much time to get ready so I didn't bother with hair/make up but only put on some nice clothes.The lack of time is also the reason for there not being anything but a crappy mirror picture and a heart covering my hair/face =p

Unlike yesterday I found some pretty good deals at Debenhams.

 These earrings only cost 2 GBP !

I also got this necklace for  2.50 GBP. I don't plan to wear it as a necklace though but I want to customize a belt with it (one I yet have to find and buy).

Last but not least I want to share a picture of my collections of earrings :)

I find them all soooo pretty =)

By the way, the earring stand can be found at Muji.

So long,



  1. I love your outfit it was so pretty <3

    1. Thank you very much =) (I just published another blog post to explain where I got the outfit :) )

  2. oh girl! I love these earrings!!! do you think there is another pair of these? :(( becouse I want them really bad..

    Love your blog! ^_^

    how about following each other? becouse I followed you :)


    1. Hey :) Thank you !

      Hmm I don't know if they still have those earrings. If there is a Debenhams where you live I'd recommend checking.