27 June 2013

Attention, weekend approaching !


how is everyone ? The weekend is finally approaching and only one more day of work =) I am already looking forward to this weekend as I have exciting plans.The flat search was put on hold for a week and since I worked so hard for the past few weeks I refuse to go into work on Saturday. (And being the rebel that I am I might even stay at home on Sunday !)
But don't worry, its not a regular work day so I won't call in sick or anything like that ^^

Aaanyway, due to work I was not able to blog or do as much research for new entries as I would have liked. But like I said, the weekend is approaching and I plan to have as much fun as possible !

On Saturday I plan to go to Camden Town to check out some wigs and fashion :) I want to go rather early so that I can have lunch there and then go downtown to have a look at all the crazy sales going on there. With luck I might also be able to hop over to Harrods and dive into their sales ^^

I will try to vlog a bit but most shops don't allow filming, so I am not sure if I can pull it off (but there's always that thing called "pictures").

On Sunday I hope to get to craft a bit. I miss it. MISS IT !! I have such nice fabrics and have not been able to do anything with them so far ! I can't believe it ! But I am not sure what to start with. A dress ? Or maybe just something small for starters, like hair accessories, a skirt, a bag or something similar... Hmmm... Suggestions, anyone ?

I have also planned two more blog posts and two videos. Go me !

What have you planned for the weekend ? Please feel free to share it :)

So long,


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