21 June 2013

Danger !

Howdy !!

Today during my lunch break I decided to take a little stroll outside as the weather was fairly nice (read: it wasn't raining). Little did I know what dangers I would have to face... Aaanyway, I grabbed my bag, left the umbrella at the office (very brave !) and went outside. It just took me a couple minutes to get to the nearest mall, where "it" happened. I encountered one of the most dangerous color combinations there is (aside from yellow / black, that is): red & white !

Now, some of you might ask: "But Sasu, what might be so dangerous about this combination ?"

I will tell you, my dear readers. Or...even better ! I will show you !

There are three time frames where it gets REALLY dangerous for bank accounts: Shortly before Christmas, shortly after Christmas and...now ! 

Believe it or not, sales in London are real ! At least those in January and Summer. You get proper discounts, not like in many other places where it says "up to 70 % off" and then it turns out, the one item that in fact WAS 70 % off has been sold within the first 5 minutes of said sale...

Here in London, when it says "up to 70 % off", you get that on_a_lot ! Unfortunately. Because at the same time it means that your bank account won't talk to you, won't look at you, won't even attempt to know you at all after about 4 weeks of sales. But don't let shops fool you because they tend to put up those nasty little red & white seducers several times a year. Only go for the real deal !

Now you might say: "But Sasu, how do I know if it is the real deal or "just" a mid season sale ?"

There is an easy answer to this and I already mentioned this in January. The secret to never ending wisdom in terms of sales lies within the Harrod's mailing list. If there is a proper sale going on, it will also be going on at Harrods. So if Harrods has a sale, it's safe to go shopping. Well not for your bank accounts or credit cards of course, but we all have to make sacrifices.

Speaking of Harrods, let me show you how thew introduced their end of season sale this summer:

Now please excuse me, I have to discuss with my bank account if it wants to divorce me over London's summer sale or a fukubukuro..

So long,



  1. What a freaking flash dance! XD I love them

    1. Yes =) I think it's pretty cool ! Looks like fun too :)