02 June 2013

Nail art

Howdy :)

It's been a while since I wrote a blog entry and my schedule has been a bit off. Work has been crazy again and also looking for a new place takes up a lot of time.

But today I was finally able to spare some time to do a pretty cute nail art design with stickers and stamps. Sorry girls, no tutorial on this one but you will get to look at pretty pictures soon (it's too dark to take pictures right now). But for now I'd like to share some awesome nail art with you (pictures found across Google and Tumblr).

You might or might not have noticed that I love love love freaking LOVE lace designs! I so want to try a few designs soon ! I know, I know, I should not forget to do some sort of tutorial then !

Also I filmed another shoe review and will hopefully have time to edit and upload it within the next couple of days.Looking forward to it :)

So long,



  1. Beautiful nails! Lace is pretty so I don't blame you for liking it!

    1. Yes :) Just add some lace and you instantly get girly, princess-y nails <3

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