18 July 2013

Follow-up on my second Yumetenbo shoe review

Howdy :)

I am sure you remember my second Yumetenbo shoe review I posted at the end of April. For those who haven't read or seen it yet, this is the clip I filmed 

Those of you who follow me on Facebook have read it already, but those lovely shoes already suffered damage. I kid ya not...

I haven't worn them a lot or even long... Just a couple times and usually not for very long because I like them so much and want them to stay pretty for as long as possible.

So the day the black rubber (which turned out to be a cheap plastic cap) basically burst off came as a huge surprise that left me speechless. In retrospective the damage luckily wasn't that bad and the shoe maker was able to fix it, although he had a pretty annoyed expression on his face when I confronted him with my lovely mules.

Now, about 8 GBP later, the shoes are alright and can be worn again (I hope for longer, this time).

I took some pictures of the damage that occurred:

In this picture you can clearly see the screw which was holding the plastic cap. 
(I don't think I've ever seen screws there, only nails. But I might be wrong)

Here you can see the shoes from the side. 
The heel on the right hand side clearly shows that
the shoes haven't been worn a lot.

This is the actual damage. You can see that the black stuff was
basically just a cap which was hold by the screw.
It kinda...burst... 

Maybe I was just unlucky with my purchase, but in any case, if you bought these shoes or plan to do so, keep in mind the poor quality of the plastic cap. I really was disappointed of this.When I got them I carefully checked them and did the review to the best of my knowledge. Since I now know better I feel I have to let you know. After all, I want to do accurate and trustworthy reviews.

I checked the other shoes I have reviewed so far and those heels/rubber parts seem to be alright and of better quality. Though you never know...

In any case, I need to get going, otherwise Sasu will be late for work =p

So long,



  1. You search not the only one. I own at least ten pairs of this bran's of shoe and all of the caps I had to replace. Eventually I just get them replaced with rubber caps when I get them to avoid the annoyance of them exploding off. The shoe itself is very durable. It's just those darn caps.

    1. Thank you for the tip, I will keep that in mind. I don't think I will stop buying those shoes, they're just too darn cute :)

  2. Ahh that sucks, i always hated when these things got damaged or falling of the heels. But i reeealy like your shoes! They are super adorbs :] Hope they will stay all good.

    1. I've worn them on quite challenging ground after getting them back from the shoemaker and they didn't give me any trouble anymore. Fingers crossed, but I think positive now.