11 August 2013

Dance yourself fit

Howdy :)

We are almost halfway through August already, can you believe it ? I certainly can't. Wasn't it just yesterday when I enjoyed the Thriller musical in London ? If you ever come to London I really recommend this show, it was a huge party ! Of course no one is as good as Michael himself, but they certainly work hard !

I love musicals, I love dancing, acting, being on stage, all that. Plus, it is a super fun way to stay fit. I have never been fitter than back in the days when my weekends were filled with dancing. I really spent all Saturdays and Sundays dancing, singing, acting...6-8 hours a day ! But oh, how I loved it !

Anyways, for those of you who would love to dance but lack the money or dance academy to do so, I can't getting dance workout DVDs or even YouTube high enough !

A while ago I went to my local "DVD dealer" to check out their fitness DVDs. I was tired of going to the gym and working on machines there. But since I don't like cardio training in gyms, I wanted to try out something else.

I came across this DVD and thought "why not ?".

You can buy it at Amazon and other retailers. I paid maybe 5 or 6 pounds for this and don't regret it. Granted, it aims at beginners, so if you have years and years of experience under your belt you might want to try something else, but for only a few pounds there is not an awful lot you can do wrong. I certainly enjoy the workouts :)

Also, you can even enjoy this DVD if you don't have much space. Living in a flat in London I can tell you a story or two about that...

A great alternative is of course YouTube. You can choose from hundreds of thousands of videos and will for sure find at least one or two you might enjoy. However, to get you started, let me share some of those I have on my playlists:

Let's start with the energetic Night of Fire Para Para (just ignore the outfit of the guy and you will be fine...)

...continue with something for the Sailor Moon fans among you...

....and end our trip through Para Para with Ike Ike

Of course there's not only Para Para on YouTube. Those of you who love ballroom dance might also like this one, for example.

There really is a lot on YouTube. Just search for your favorite key words and you will find fun stuff that keeps you fit ! (I even found GoGo dance instructions there !)

Alright, after all those videos and talking about dancing I should do some dancing myself =)

So long,


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