22 September 2013

Waving goodbye to two amazing Gyarus

Howdy everyone,

Today Sui and Yuki announced their decision to leave the Gaijin Gyaru community.

As they both are a great inspiration to me I am very sad to see them leave. But I see their point and totally understand their decision.

It does not matter if a person feels offended and hurt by bullies or not, the act of bullying itself is simply wrong and nasty. I already wrote a lengthy blog entry about this subject last year (including some humble tips and tricks) and although I don't expect bullying to simply disappear from this world it is always a good approach to try make exactly that happen anyway.
(Also a good source for information is the National Crime Prevention Association and other websites).

Just recently I watched a movie about cyber bullying on Youtube and I would like to share it with you. Please watch it and remember: You are not alone !

Please help reduce cyber bullying !

Thank you



Good afternoon, everyone :)

I finally got the internet which means blogging will be more comfortable again.

Here in England the weather is getting colder, we definitely skipped summer this year. I didn't even get the chance to wear half of my latest Yumetenbo order yet, it was simply too cold *sad*.
But since there is nothing I can do about that it's time to look into building a fall/winter wardrobe and for this season I would like to buy a nice pair of boots - or maybe even two. In any case, I really want to buy a pair of OTK boots this year !

Of course I already checked out Yumetenbo again although they still seem to be in the process of stocking/restocking their warehouse. I should probably wait a bit longer before ordering, they might get in more boots.

In any case, I found 5 pairs of boots I liked and shortlisted:

 I love the pink here but I would probably rather go for something a bit simpler, like black, 
to make it match more clothes (and to make it look less tacky)

 Here I love the Type B red and purple versions !

Those I'd probably order in black or one of those brown versions.

 Uh, I love them all, no kiddin' ! But London is not the cleanest place in the world 
so I would probably not opt for the beige ones.

Again, even though I love the beige ones I'd probably rather go for 
either black or maybe camel. Type A though.

I am so looking forward to make nice coords with boots this year =)

Has anyone of you ever ordered Yumetenbo boots ? If so, were you satisfied with them ? Please let me know :)

So long,


12 September 2013

Miss Selfridge goes bows

Howdy :)

Before you get your hopes up let me say, that I haven't gotten my internet back yet. Instead I am trying this not-so-new thing called Blogger App"... I already can say that this is far from being a convenient way to post. So if you have the choice: better stick with your PCs to blog, gals !

Anywaysss, during lunch break I went to Miss Selfridge, because...why not ? And I was surprised to see that they started to put bows on their clothes ! While they are still pretty shy about it it's definitely a start !

The coat is very pretty and has functional pockets as well. You can get it for 80£. The sweater cost about 40£  but the shade of pink might not be for everyone.

So, what do you think ? Should they keep going like this or do you have doubts about the designs ? Let me know !

So long,


11 September 2013

I'm still alive...

Howdy everyone,

I am sorry for not having blogged for so long. You might or might not remember me talking about looking for a new place on Twitter and FB. By now I finally moved but unfortunately I do not have the internet yet. As soon as I get my precious internet connection activated I will make up for the time I left you without blog posts !

So long,