12 September 2013

Miss Selfridge goes bows

Howdy :)

Before you get your hopes up let me say, that I haven't gotten my internet back yet. Instead I am trying this not-so-new thing called Blogger App"... I already can say that this is far from being a convenient way to post. So if you have the choice: better stick with your PCs to blog, gals !

Anywaysss, during lunch break I went to Miss Selfridge, because...why not ? And I was surprised to see that they started to put bows on their clothes ! While they are still pretty shy about it it's definitely a start !

The coat is very pretty and has functional pockets as well. You can get it for 80£. The sweater cost about 40£  but the shade of pink might not be for everyone.

So, what do you think ? Should they keep going like this or do you have doubts about the designs ? Let me know !

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