22 September 2013

Waving goodbye to two amazing Gyarus

Howdy everyone,

Today Sui and Yuki announced their decision to leave the Gaijin Gyaru community.

As they both are a great inspiration to me I am very sad to see them leave. But I see their point and totally understand their decision.

It does not matter if a person feels offended and hurt by bullies or not, the act of bullying itself is simply wrong and nasty. I already wrote a lengthy blog entry about this subject last year (including some humble tips and tricks) and although I don't expect bullying to simply disappear from this world it is always a good approach to try make exactly that happen anyway.
(Also a good source for information is the National Crime Prevention Association and other websites).

Just recently I watched a movie about cyber bullying on Youtube and I would like to share it with you. Please watch it and remember: You are not alone !

Please help reduce cyber bullying !

Thank you



  1. I just don't get people. If you have certain interests you become outcasts to your society's normal culture. So being human they seek others of similar interests and then they decide to outcast others of like interests by bullying them. It just doesn't make sense to me.

  2. Okay, I get the feeling my comments don't show up here... Weird.
    Anyways, I was saying that I totally agree with you. But I start to think it's in people's nature. I believe I once read a study where it said that it releases endorphins when talking bad about others. Gross !