06 October 2013

Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaw ! (Cowgirl fashion)

Howdy everyone,

Remember when I said "I got the internet at my new place ?" Yeah well, I remember that too... Unfortunately my ISP messed up and now it's gone again (read: no internet anymore). I don't know how long it will take to get it back, but at least for today I found a way to post.

I've been a huge fan of wild west and cowboy themed fashion for a long (long, looong) time. With a lot of shops currently doing wild west inspired collections this old flame of mine was kindled again. So off I went, online of course (that was right before my ISP thought "she's had enough fun, let's annoy her a bit and mess with her broadband"), and checked for wild west inspired fashion.

I'm gonna start with tops and work my way through an entire outfit. Please get a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate, lean back and enjoy :)

 Liz Lisa

River Island

Vero Moda


Sorry, I don't remember the brand but I found it on ASOS.com. 
Also these are pretty neat, I would prefer a more used look.

One Teaspoon


 Liz Lisa

 Liz Lisa

Forever 21 (I think)


Sorry, I don't remember where they sell it. 
Either at Forever 21 or ASOS...


 River Island

 River Island

 River Island

New Look


 Pic found on Google



All found thanks to Google


And last but not least, a few outfit inspirations I found on Google/Pinterest etc.

I love that style ! How about you ?

So long,


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