29 June 2014

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

Howdy everyone,

I already had a nice blog post planned for a week ago. I had gone downtown to visit a musical festival in London. For two days you get to see excerpts of a potpourri of musicals, from "The Phantom Of The Opera" to "Jersey Boys". When I got there the party was in full swing already and you had to queue for at least an hour to actually get inside. I didn't want to wait so long though, so I watched a bit from outside. Unfortunately you only get so see a bit on some large screens they put up and the sound is almost non existent when you are not inside, so after a couple songs I gave up and went (window) shopping instead. The weather was great and I took a lot of cool pictures which I had planned on posting here. Howeverrrrrr....On my way home I lost my camera. Well, I say "lost" but it could as well have been stolen as I am sure I did not leave it anywhere. So my great and beloved camera is gone. Shit !

Anyways, since you can't get my camera back and neither can I, I decided to dedicate today's blog post to a recent order I placed with Wigland on Rakuten

I won't be able to do a full review of their services in regards to shipping abroad as I was able to send it to a Japanese friend but what I can say about that is, that it arrived within 3 business days. I'm so looking forward to receiving them !

Let me show you what I ordered:

Type: A-638
Color: TMH

Type: VO-68
Color: TMB

 Type: VS-36
Color: TMB

I can't wait to receive them and to see if the quality is as high as people say. I'll definitely keep you posted!

So long,


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