28 September 2014

More shopping for fall

Happy Sunday, everyone !

Before you ask: I will review my Dresslink order as soon as I receive it.

Now on to the "more shopping for fall" part. I couldn't resist Yumetenbo and ordered 5 more items:

Bolero in pink

Sweater/dress in black 
with pink lips

Round neck lace top in beige
(on the right)

Floral dress
(on the right)

Knitted sweater/dress in
off white

I am super excited about this order and can't wait to hold the items in my hands !

So long,


08 September 2014

Shopping for fall

Howdy girls,

It will be fall soon which means we have to layer up and update our wardrobe to get ready for the cooler season. Having gotten rid of a lot of my warm clothing when spring arrived (harhar, what spring ?), I now have to face the task of building a new fall/winter wardrobe. Like every year I already feel cold in September although shops still mainly sell their summer stock, which leaves me with a limited choice of things to spend my money on.

With only little money to spend anyway I now got caught in the trap that is online shopping from China... A colleague of mine suggested to try Dresslink.com. I am sure many of you have heard of this website already.

So after doing some research and browsing I ordered the following items:

Available in pink and black, 
I got the black one

Available in black and white,
I got the white one

Only available in white

 Available in green, red, black and white,
I got the red one

I am looking forward to receiving my order and will keep you up to date.

So long,