21 October 2014

Fashion clips (Fall/Winter)

Good evening ladies and princesses,

I've been waiting and waiting for them and today they finally got released the Yumetenbo Fall/Winter collection videos. I like how they tell stories in their videos, you really get a feel for what the brand is about.
This year I especially like the DearMyLove video. For Diable Baiser, one of my favorite brands, I have to admit that I prefer last year's video over the one they published now.

Fashion wise I like most of the outfits they picked for the videos - apart from the entire CHeLic collection. I just don't see it as a fashion style at all.

Which ones are your favorites and which ones don't you like at all ?

So long,


18 October 2014

London Wedding Fair

Howdy everyone,

When the National Wedding Fair took place in London a couple weeks ago I spontaneously decided to show up and enjoy a day at Earls Court.

I was quite surprised how big the fair was, although the venue itself didn't look thaaaat big. But it was packed with both, exhibitors and visitors. And there was everything on offer, from dresses to cakes to sexy half naked men you could book for your bachelorette party (sorry, didn't take any pics but they were yummy !) to honey moon offers. Of course there was a fashion show as well. It was amazing and it's quite likely I will go to the next one as well.

I tried out my new camera as well, so without further ado I let you enjoy some of the over 140 pictures I took.



So long,