29 August 2015

Fall fashion trends 2015 - beware the 70s (and 60s)

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I spontaneously decided to go shopping in London. Also I was curious to see the 60s/70s fashion trend that is OBVIOUSLY going on right now. You'd have to live under a rock not to get whacked over the head with that and I already made a post about the "Fall fashion trends 2015: revive the 70s" a few days ago.

I say "curious" but really, it's more of a morbid curiosity because I don't like 70s fashion very much. Give me 50s and I'm your girl. I can also work with the 60s but the 70s are just not for me (though DANG, those flare jeans make long legs and there ARE a few exceptional other pieces here and there).

Anyways, I went to London and checked it out for myself. Unfortunately, since it was a spontaneous thing after work, I did not have a camera with me (not that it'd have done me any good, if you try to snap pictures security gets nuts here - sometimes even if you only snap pictures of their window displays).

But because I want to show you a few pieces anyway (and we all love pictures), I searched the marvelous place that is...wait for it... THE INTERNET!

  above three: H & M

 above two: Zara

Yep, retro right in da face! For the outfits on display in stores I found that H&M went all out (maybe they had pictures of their original 70s displays and just rebuilt them, who knows). 

I'm gonna be off to France and Germany for a vacation soon, so I wonder if the 70s (and 60s) are hot there as well. I already compared the UK and US fashion trends in a video so if you're interested in finding out how those countries compare, have a go:

So, what do you think? Do you find the 70s hot or not?


26 August 2015

Fall fashion trends 2015: revive the 70s

Hello everyone,

it's still August but fall is just around the corner. And with that fashionistas are eager to fill their closets with the new trends for that season.

This year it seems we are going back in time (time machine, anyone ?) and revive the...wait for it... 1970s (again and with some 60s styles thrown in for good measure).

I am not entirely sure who came up with that brilliant idea but here we go, stores are already stocking up on warm (-ish) fall clothes and if your parents or grandparents have a secret stash of retro fashion (not so retro back in their days), it's time to raid their basements!

Rebecca Taylor


Platform shoes, boots, flare and wide pants, it's all coming back big time. Hey, I love platform shoes; and flare pants make your legs look a mile long ! Not sure about the high waist trend that comes with it (and that has been a hit among British teens for months already) though, it's just not my style (I prefer pants low on my hips).

 Zuhair Murad

Another big trend this fall will be checks, plaids and that kind of thing. Channel your inner Scot (and watch some Outlander while you're at it.).

 both MiuMiu

I must admit, it doesn't come as a surprise. Like...at all. it's just something that screams "cold season", if you know what I mean...like florals for spring.  Same goes for the muted colors I've seen so far, although there will be a fair share of disco style sparkly-sparkly going on as well. I personally think incorporating something sparkly or metallic into your outfit freshens up the day, especially if it's a gloomy fall day.

And because you can never have enough trends, geometry makes a reappearance once again and doesn't stick to muted colors either. Ateliers like Dior and MiuMiu certainly appreciate bright colors.




With that being said, I feel only one question remains: when will designers finally ask their models to smile and not look as if they were about to burst into tears?


22 August 2015

Dior et moi - Dior and I

Hello everyone,

I love Netflix. It's a great place to discover interesting documentaries and this one is no exception. Some of you might know that I studied fashion design, so every additional glimpse I can get behind the scenes is an opportunity I jump on.

Dior and I is about, you guessed it, the famous atelier of Dior. But that alone wouldn't be interesting enough to do a movie about. So the smart minds behind the movie (namely first and foremost film maker Frédéric Tcheng) came up with the brilliant idea of following new Artistic Director Raf Simmons around while he worked on his first Dior haute couture collection (well he was certainly new back then when they filmed it).

The result is a stunning behind-the-scenes movie that not only features over-the-top talented designer Raf Simmons but also the team that transform his vision into actual fabric and stitches: the seamstresses of the glorious house of Dior.

In my opinion this movie is a masterpiece, combining the mysterious world of haute couture creation with the past, present and future of one of the biggest ateliers in the fashion universe. By featuring the team that work so hard behind the scenes to make the fashion show envisioned by their Artistic Director a dream come true, the audience feels so much closer to Dior. And last but not least there's the Artistic Director himself. Raf Simmons is such a creative designer but also a human being and you cannot help but like and feel with him during the entire movie and especially towards the end, when his haute couture debut fashion show is only a few more moments away (keep tissues at hand !)

Long story short, if you don't watch this movie, you miss out on something great!

If you want to learn more about it after watching the trailer, head over to their website

I'd love to hear from you. Have you enjoyed the trailer? Will you watch the movie or have you done so already? Please don't be shy and leave a comment below.

Until next time,


19 August 2015

Changes to my blog

Hi everyone,

I already mentioned it in my post about reloading glitter, so it won't come as a surprise (especially when you think about the long hiatus I was on). Also, I guess the change in design might clue you in that there's something going on behind the scenes. On a side note, I am not totally happy with the design yet, it still needs some work.

When I started this blog I planned to do a lot of things that were heavily based on the Japanese fashion style "Gyaru". I think Gyaru is a great style and so versatile as well. Plus it's different from what most people in the EU wear, so it gets double points.

However, things did not work out as planned and as much as I still like the style, I am just never becoming a full-time Gyaru.

I also know that for those that are into the various Japanese fashion styles it is extremely important to dress to a certain standard, be it Lolita, Gyaru, Larme, Visual Kei or whatever, and many of them easily go through the roof if someone "claims to be wearing fashion XXX but is not". To be honest, I want to avoid this hassle.

Like I said, I will not be a full-time Gyaru for several reasons and thus I decided to change "If in doubt, add glitter" and the Gyaru theme I was aiming for to "Secret Crush on Glam" because, let's be honest here, I do have a more or less secret crush on it - and so do a lot of other people that are into fashion.

Goodbye, "If in doubt, add glitter"

I know that lots of my followers are heavily into Japanese fashion and I just want to be fair and let all of you know, that this won't be my focus in the future. I still plan to do fashion related posts and I am sure there will be some Gyaru inspired ones but things change, so have I and so will this blog.

There are lots of great Gyaru blogs out there, for example Lizzie's "Eternise-moi" and the all-time favorite "universal doll" (that is changing a bit too, by the way), with both doing a fantastic job.

Long story short, I still love Gyaru but I will be doing so "in private". It is tough for me to let go of my baby that is "If in doubt, add glitter" but the end of one thing can be the beginning of something new. And I hope you will be part of this new journey.


04 August 2015

Reloading glitter, so to speak (a quick update)

Howdy everyone,

Last time I spoke about the things I did - or not did, for that matter really... and that was posting and producing new videos for my YouTube channel although I made sure to upgrade my hardware. I still have to upgrade the software I use (for those asking, I use Pinnacle Studio) but otherwise I am actually ready to go.

So as you can see, I decided I really don't want to quit yet - you won't get rid of me that easily. So I've been looking into reboot options. I cannot say that much about that yet but I will hopefully be done thinking and in the middle of doing by the end of next week. I plan to attend Summer in the city for Creators' Day in London and am super excited about meeting a lot of cool and inspiring YouTubers.

If you're in the UK and interested in YouTube (and who isn't, really), I believe there are still tickets available. I heard last year it was pretty crazy! I definitely can't wait for next week!

I'm also going to revamp my blog design. That will definitely be a challenge because I am not exactly a genius when it comes to programming and shopping the hell out of pictures, but hey, the challenge is on.

So this post really is just a quick update on what's going on behind the cherry blossoms. I hope to see you again soon!

So long,