19 August 2015

Changes to my blog

Hi everyone,

I already mentioned it in my post about reloading glitter, so it won't come as a surprise (especially when you think about the long hiatus I was on). Also, I guess the change in design might clue you in that there's something going on behind the scenes. On a side note, I am not totally happy with the design yet, it still needs some work.

When I started this blog I planned to do a lot of things that were heavily based on the Japanese fashion style "Gyaru". I think Gyaru is a great style and so versatile as well. Plus it's different from what most people in the EU wear, so it gets double points.

However, things did not work out as planned and as much as I still like the style, I am just never becoming a full-time Gyaru.

I also know that for those that are into the various Japanese fashion styles it is extremely important to dress to a certain standard, be it Lolita, Gyaru, Larme, Visual Kei or whatever, and many of them easily go through the roof if someone "claims to be wearing fashion XXX but is not". To be honest, I want to avoid this hassle.

Like I said, I will not be a full-time Gyaru for several reasons and thus I decided to change "If in doubt, add glitter" and the Gyaru theme I was aiming for to "Secret Crush on Glam" because, let's be honest here, I do have a more or less secret crush on it - and so do a lot of other people that are into fashion.

Goodbye, "If in doubt, add glitter"

I know that lots of my followers are heavily into Japanese fashion and I just want to be fair and let all of you know, that this won't be my focus in the future. I still plan to do fashion related posts and I am sure there will be some Gyaru inspired ones but things change, so have I and so will this blog.

There are lots of great Gyaru blogs out there, for example Lizzie's "Eternise-moi" and the all-time favorite "universal doll" (that is changing a bit too, by the way), with both doing a fantastic job.

Long story short, I still love Gyaru but I will be doing so "in private". It is tough for me to let go of my baby that is "If in doubt, add glitter" but the end of one thing can be the beginning of something new. And I hope you will be part of this new journey.


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