04 August 2015

Reloading glitter, so to speak (a quick update)

Howdy everyone,

Last time I spoke about the things I did - or not did, for that matter really... and that was posting and producing new videos for my YouTube channel although I made sure to upgrade my hardware. I still have to upgrade the software I use (for those asking, I use Pinnacle Studio) but otherwise I am actually ready to go.

So as you can see, I decided I really don't want to quit yet - you won't get rid of me that easily. So I've been looking into reboot options. I cannot say that much about that yet but I will hopefully be done thinking and in the middle of doing by the end of next week. I plan to attend Summer in the city for Creators' Day in London and am super excited about meeting a lot of cool and inspiring YouTubers.

If you're in the UK and interested in YouTube (and who isn't, really), I believe there are still tickets available. I heard last year it was pretty crazy! I definitely can't wait for next week!

I'm also going to revamp my blog design. That will definitely be a challenge because I am not exactly a genius when it comes to programming and shopping the hell out of pictures, but hey, the challenge is on.

So this post really is just a quick update on what's going on behind the cherry blossoms. I hope to see you again soon!

So long,


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