24 August 2016

What's with the blog ?

Hi everyone,

It's been somewhat quiet on my blog and I thought I should talk about the reasons behind this.

Of course there's this thing called "real life", but that's not really all that is to it. Yes, I do have a new job that eats pretty much all of my time, either in the office or community to or from it. But the truth is, that I'm also not entirely sure if I should keep the blog up and running at all. I would love to focus more on my YouTube channel and let's be real, producing videos is a lot of work.

Then there's also the fact that I am not entirely happy with the platform I am on, which is Blogger. Maybe I haven't digged deep enough but I find it somewhat limiting The next logical step would be to move on to WordPress, but I'm kind of....not thrilled to build an entire new website again. Then agaaaain, the current layout needs updating. While I love the colors and all I suspect that the pink is quite "in da face" and not very user friendly.

So I am thinking... that I will continue to look into finding a new host and experimenting with WordPress designs in the background to see if I like it enough to make the switch or not.

I would really love to keep doing the whole "brand introduction" thing I had going on before abandoning my blog as it is so much fun.

For now though I leave you with a video about what I did on my birthday, because I love love love sheep and there ain't enough online yet !